Best Mobile Document Scanner for iOS


A document scanner is a beneficial device, which change file content from its paper structure into digital information which is readable by digital devices like computer and mobile etc. The present pattern in document scanners is viewed as a major development toward practical document management. Document scanners reduce time and work required to transform the data from printed materials to computer readable form. In addition, using adocument scanner, it is conceivable to get back, old or important files.Mobile scanner is a software package that converts our phone into a PDF scanner and thus we can share easily anywhere in the world and we can get full benefit by sharing documents.

Need Of Such App’s:
As we are living in a very competitive environment where nobody has time to use multiple devices to fulfill their needs therefore developers introduce mobile applications which are very convenient for users to use them for multiple purposes according to their needs. One of them is Mobile Document Scanner which enables our mobile phone camera to perform the functionality of a scanner.

The 6 Popular Scanners for Mobile Phones

1. PDFelement

PDFelement has an unquestionable requirement of IOS users, its free and dependable application for any individual who need to peruse, clarify or do any modifications in PDF reports on mobile phone. It likewise permits you to check up files with penmanship, highlights and stamps.PDFelement IOS is a decent partner with the Mac application “PDFelement”, you could sweep documents from IOS form and make release in Mac form or review your records/files and documents effortlessly in PDFelement.

  • Scan and Crop
  • View PDF’s
  • Annotate
  • Camera photos can be converted into PDF
  • Storing and sharing
  • Sync of files with various cloud services

From $0.00

2. Google Drive

Google Drive
Rating: 4+
Price: $14.99
Begin with Google Drive free of cost and have all of your records, files and important document in you smartphones in your full time access from any cell phone, tablet, or PC.Your all records saved in Drive just as your recordings, photographs, and document– are saved securely so you can’t lose them. Effectively welcome others to view, alter, or leave remarks on any of your record.

From $14.99

3. CamScanner

Rating: 4+
Price: $4.99/month or $849.99/year
CamScanner is a great app for scanning documents, whiteboards, notes or anything else you can think of into a digital file. You can turn any smartphone into a scanner with CamScanner. It is intelligent document scanner used as document management as well. It can also convert to PDF for transfer to your computer or send to someone else. It has features of enhancing graphics and text to provide clear visibility.OCR is used for basic and advance editing and thus users can extract images or text and share the document moreover collaboration is also supported so that your friends or colleagues can comment over it.

From $4.99

4. Genius Scan

Genius Scan
Rating: 4+
Price: $6.6
It is one of the very Favorite applications by the IOS users.It is a Free application. It is very helpful application as it is just like putting a personal scanner in your pocket. It can be used for, if you are on business trip and want to keep track of all your receipts or if you want to send documents to the concern person.


  • User friendly
  • Popular for search as its documents can be search in iPhone search bar.
  • Documents can b export as well.
  • Camera photos can be converted into PDF
  • It has a feature of resize the document gracefully.
  • Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

From $6.6

5. FineScanner

Rating: 4+
Price: Ranges from $4 to $19
FineScanner transforms your cell phone into an intense universally handy and versatile scanner and document manager that permits you to rapidly catch pictures, and converting them into electronic reports or documents in form of PDF, JPG, or whatever required and apply OCR to perceive writings for further editing and sharing. This app is perfect for individuals, home business, government or school use – at whatever time, anyplace. It is a valuable app for staying informed regarding and backing up critical and unimportant data as well.


  • Easily make document of any size
  • Smartly scan any printed or handwritten text moreover it can recognize the text on scan in 44 languages.
  • iii. Excellent visual quality, advance image filtering and automatic cropping of page boundaries is also supported.

From $4

6. Scanner Pro by Readdle

Scanner Pro by Readdle
Rating: 4+
Price: $2.99
Scanner Pro is maybe the best application for rapidly examining and sparing a computerized adaptation of a paper report. Scanner Pro changes your iPhone and iPad into compact scanners. It permits you to output receipts, whiteboards, paper notes, or any multipage record. Examined archives can be messaged and printed, transferred to Drop box, Google Drive and Evernote, or basically saved money on the iPhone/iPad. The application joins extraordinary calculations that evacuate shadows, make scans sharper, right point of view and make them as clear as could reasonably be expected. Scanner Pro is a superb application for those who’d like to digitize and arrange their paper universes. There truly isn’t a superior scanner application for iPhone than Scanner Pro.


  • Amazing app for users like to digitize and organize their documents
  • It can process images smartly and efficiently and scan documents into multiple pages and upload scans to online storage
  • Documents are secured as the documents password protected

From $2.99


Mobile document scanners is a great technology because of this application users can do their tasks most efficiently and able to save their time. This application turns the mobile phone camera into scanner and this is even more portable for the users they don’t need to take scanners everywhere with them if they have such applications installed in their mobile phone. Therefore the need of such application software is on its great demand in the world of computer.


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