Disability is not only affected the state of mind of the sufferer but also his/her routine. If you are not able to go to the short or long distances on your own then you must buy a mobility scooter. A mobility scooter is the great mean of movement for handicapped persons. In case you are not disabled but you don’t have the proper stamina to walk then mobility scooter is the right choice for you.

Disability scooters make you independent and you can easily fulfill your daily tasks with it. You can go to grocery shops, shopping centers and even to your friend’s house. Mobility scooters are not only the best way to move but also a lifesaver. In fact, a mobility scooter is a revolutionary invention in terms of disability.

Top 5 Mobility Scooters Especially Designed for Handicapped

After a deep research and shuffling, I am here with best 5 mobility scooters for your ease. All have unique features with advanced technology so take a look below to know more.

1. Drive Medical Phoenix 4HD Heavy Duty

If you are looking for a scooter with the good comfort level and easily portable then Drive Medical Phoenix 4HD is the best choice for you. It provides you comfort and you can easily carry it in your car. It comes with non-marking tires so it is ideal for indoors. It is a multitasking scooter as you can run it indoor and outdoor and also allows you to go on a trip. This powerful scooter comes with these features. Its weight capacity is 350 Ibs and maximum speed is 4MPH.

Price $1190

Phoenix 4HDMove-ability

You can easily disassemble it for transporting it in your car. After deconstructing it divided into 4 pieces and the heaviest part is of 46 Ibs.

Convenient Throttle control

The people with less hand strength, can’t steer scooter much. This scooter comes with hand control and you don’t need to helm your chair.

Non-Marking Tyres

Attributed with non-marking tires, doesn’t leave marks on your home’s floor. It is good around the home also give Anti-tip safety.

Weight Capacity

Although it a portable scooter but it can carry the people whose weight is up to 350 pounds. Normally portable scooters come with less weight capacity.

2. Shoprider Sunrunner

Now discuss another mobility scooter which provides you maximum comfort. Shoprider comes in fully constructed form and you only need to charge its battery to ride on it. Its seats specially designed for smoothly on and off ingress. Don’t be hesitate to go on a rough ground because it gives you the smooth ride. Its weight capacity is 300 Ibs and maximum speed is 5MPH.

Price $1398

Shoprider SunrunnerComes with Three and Four wheels design

If you are looking for a more flexible scooter for the compact place, go for three wheels design and for more strength pick the four-wheel model.


For nighttime driving, it comes with headlights so that other vehicle drivers can notice you easily.

Fold-able captain’s seat

If you want to go on a long trip then its seat gives you headrest. And coming back you can easily fold it back to store.


With a twisting dial, you can easily modify the speed according to your comfort. You can also check battery as there is a battery indicator along with speed control.

3. Pride Mobility Go-Go Heavy Duty S74

If you are in search of a proper outdoor scooter for heavyweight then it is the best choice for you. You can drive on it on rough terrain, grass and on dirt. This scooter is not for indoor use if you want a scooter for indoor purpose, its 3 wheel model is perfect for you. Its maximum speed is 4.7 MPH.

Price $1299
Go-Go Heavy Duty S74

  • Comes with 3*9 tough wheels and 80-inch turning extent.
  • For more comfort featured with 18-inch seat have the weight capacity of 325 Ibs.
  • Totally portable as you can easily disassemble it into 5 pieces.
  • Attributed with quality LED lightening with two movable coloured panels.
  • Good battery life
  • Charger port in tiller

4. Drive Medical Scout Compact

Wanna buy a lightweight and compress scooter then this is the best option for you. You can drive on it on a tricky ground and also comes in an affordable range. This scooter is more convenient for long trips as it comes with quick charging and virtuous range. Its weight capacity is 300 Ibs. Maximum speed is 4.25 MPH.

Price $619.95
Drive Medical Scout Compact

  • Another permissible feature of this scooter is its movability. You can disassemble it easily and don’t need any kind of powerlifting to install it in your car.
  • It is totally flexible and you can ride on it even in very compact places and also has enough strength.
  • It comes with some helpful accessories like drive medical cupholder, crutch holders and interchangeable colour plates and a basket.

5. Invacare Lynx L-4

If you are looking for the fully customized scooter with maximum comfort level then Invacare Lynx is the correct pick for you. It comes with four wheels which allows you to operate it in both indoor and outdoor places. But in case if you want to run in very compact places then it is not for you. It designed especially for those who can’t lift their legs easily because its height is according to them.
Invacare Lynx L-4

  • You can totally modify it according to your comforts like the width of arm set, height of seat and tiller angle.
  • Invacare is a versatile scooter as it comes with 4 wheels and has 300-pound weight capacity. You can go on it for a long distance and also around your house.
  • Its tires are flat free designed and filling with foam and claims for more durability.
  • A most favourable feature of its price. You can’t buy a properly customised scooter at such a low price. It comes only under $800.

A mobility scooter is handy equipment for the freedom of a disabled person. I pointed out the best mobility scooters for maximum convenience. If you have any query regarding those scooters then comment below and also share your experience if you are using one.


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