Best New York City Zoos & Gardens


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1. Bronx Zoo:

Experience wildlife at the world-famous Bronx Zoo, the largest metropolitan zoo in the United States. Award-winning, naturalistic habitats include Congo Gorilla Forest, an African rain forest that’s home to more than 20 lowland gorillas, and JungleWorld, an Asian tropical rain forest that’s home to gibbons, tapir, langurs and other Asian species. Get nose-to-nose with Siberian tigers at Tiger Mountain, a year round home for these amazing and endangered big cats. Visitors can see enrichment demonstrations with the cats and here “tiger talks” three times daily.

African wild dogs joined cheetahs, lions, zebras and other animals at the Zoo’s African Plains. Seasonal exhibits include Butterfly Garden, the Children’s Zoo and Wild Asia. The Zoo is open every day of the year with a variety of indoor and outdoor exhibits.

Normal Entry Price: Adult: $15.00
Normal Entry Price: Child: $11.00


2. New York Aquarium :

From sharks to sea otters to seahorses, the wildlife at the New York Aquarium reflects the diversity of marine life itself.
This seaside park at Coney Island features fascinating marine mammal demonstrations, hands-on exhibits, and up- close creature encounters. Sea Cliffs is a rocky marine habitat for walruses, penguins, seals and more. At Explore the Shore, touch creatures of the sea or let a 400-gallon wave “crash” over you. From May to October, don’t miss the popular Aquatheater show, starring Fonzie our amazing sea lion.

Normal Entry Price: Adult: $13.00
Normal Entry Price: Child: $9.00


3. Prospect Park Zoo :

Tunnel through a prairie dog town. Master the language of baboons. Create animal art, using meerkats as your models. Do it all, and much more at the Prospect Park Zoo, a 12-acre state- of-the- art children’s zoo that’s home to nearly 400 animals of more than 85 species.
The interactive World of Animals, Animal Lifestyles, and Animals In Our Lives indoor and outdoor exhibit areas encourage youngsters to get up close to the wildlife and use all their senses to discover the natural world.

Normal Entry Price: Adult: $7.00
Normal Entry Price: Child: $3.00


4. Central Park Zoo :

Step off Fifth Avenue into a rain forest alive with tropical birds, endangered monkeys, and fascinating frogs. Chill out with penguins in a cool Antarctic habitat, or soak up some sun with sea lions.
You can spend an hour or an afternoon experiencing the jewel-like 6.5- acre Central Park Zoo and its residents – more than 130 species, from tremendous polar bears to tiny leafcutter ants, to the gentle creatures of the Tisch Children’s Zoo.

Normal Entry Price: Adult: $10.00
Normal Entry Price: Child: $5.00


5- Queens Zoo :

Experience American wilderness right in New York City. The Queens Zoo in Flushing Meadows Corona Park is a 12-acre home to nearly 70 spectacular species, which roam in naturalistic habitats representing wild lands of North and South America. Walk down a wooded path and meet up with a mountain lion.
Gaze across an expansive plain to see bison grazing in the grass. And look for spectacled bears relaxing in treetops. There’s a tamer side, too – a charming barnyard area where you can feed friendly animals.

Normal Entry Price: Adult: $7.00
Normal Entry Price: Child: $3.00


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