5 Best Places for Vacations in The World


In This List find some ideas of 5 Best Places for Vacations in The World: enjoy.

5- Tree house in Kerala, India :

The Treehouse in Kerala in the middle of thick jungle offers one of the most quiet vacation spots I have even heard of. Featured in every major international travel magazine in the world as a top vacation spot, the exclusive treehouse at one-time accommodates only 2 couples, one on each floor of it.

4. Aruba, a great vacation spot in the Caribbean :

Aruba attracts one million visitors and cruise passengers per year. Away fro the Americas, not too many have heard about it. But the sheer beauty of this place earns it a place as one of our top ten vacation spots. Wherever in the world you are, a vacation in Aruba is worth a trip.

3. Rain country resorts, Kerala, India:

Find yourself in a world among the clouds in the verdant hills of Lakkidi, Wayanad, where the time seems to stand still and where the pristine mountains and the cool climate is sure to take your breath away. Rain Country Resorts, cradled in the tropical vegetation and the azure sky of Wayanad, showcases Kerala in all its splendor.

2. Luna Lodge of Costa Rica :

The Luna Lodge is spread over 60 acres, over 30 acres of the lodge’s property is primary virgin rainforest. You can spot literally hundreds of rare and beautiful bird species such as the scarlet macaw, red-legged honeycreeper, and slaty-tailed trogon.

1. Forest Houses Resort, Sedona, AZ, USA:

Forest Houses Resort is situated on 20 wooded acres in upper Oak Creek Canyon. The resort is separated from the highway by trees and Oak Creek – a clear, cool continuously running mountain stream stocked with Rainbow and Brown trout and supporting an abundance of birds and wildlife.


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