Being healthy and fit is a lifestyle choice that you need to stay committed to. But there are some occasions when you cannot fulfill your commitments. For instance, if you run daily and it’s raining outside, you have no other choice but to stay inside. But there are dedicated rain gear for running that protect you from getting wet while you run and keep up with your fitness goals.

However, you would always need the right gear that might save you from the splashing water or the soggy slog. Rainwear and Footwear are the essential things you must count on, while you’re ready for your monsoon run.

In this blog, we are discussing some vital rain gear you might need during the rainy season workout.

1. Raincoat

While running, you will indeed be wearing your comfortable clothes; however, it is also necessary for you to cover them with a long raincoat. Remember that you’ve stepped out of your house to do your workout and not drain in the rain.

A durable raincoat could keep you cozy and dry even in the rain and which is why you should wear this gear when you’re going for a run on a rainy day.

2. Running Shoes

Running shoes are the most important gear that you would always require while doing your exercises or while going for running. It is because normal shoes won’t provide you with the right grip that you may need during your workout.

Moreover, cotton shoes could be the worst gear for you in a rainy season; because their natural fiber can soak up in the water; which could even make you slip on the trail and cause you an injury. So, you must wear your running shoes made from breathable fabrics while going out in the rain for a run.

3. Waterproof Cap

Rainy Runs could be more adventurous, joyful, and miserable; however, not when the water droplets hit your face. So, you must include a waterproof cap that could protect you from the gentle water torture.

Also, make sure that the cap you’ll be wearing is comfortable, light in weight, and relatively breathable.

4. Running Socks

Socks are necessary for you to wear along with the shoes. If you wear the regular socks, there could be chances that your feet could be exposed to water and become wet.

So, to keep away the moisture from your skin and avoid rubbing and blisters, you should wear a nice pair of technical running socks. They will help you in keeping your feet cool and dry in the rain.

5. Waterproof Running Jacket

Waterproof running jackets are beneficial, as they don’t allow wind and water to pass through your body. Also, the running jackets are breathable and have excellent ventilation, which makes them perfect gear for rainy weather.

Moreover, it would be best if you would wear this jacket when you’re going for a run, either on a road or a trail. It will protect you and keep you warm.

The Bottom Line

Running in the rain can be fun and adventurous but you must be prepared and safe for that. It is no compulsion to run on a rainy day, but if you do plan to try out it is important that you stay prepared for the same. Above we have mentioned some equipment that you will need to ensure you stay dry during your rainy day run. It could be best for you if you would consider wearing the appropriate rainwear, footwear, and the equipment that we have mentioned above.


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