Best Romantic & Affordable Gifts for your Girlfriend

Best Romantic & Affordable Gifts for your Girlfriend

Giving gifts to your loved ones can always be daunting, but when it comes to your girlfriend the sheer magnitude of how many options you have coupled with marketing pressure might make it seem like your head will explode before you find something meaningful (and affordable) to give your girl. To make it easier on you, we’ve compiled a quick list of 5 easy and affordable gifts you can present to your girl that she will love. Have a read for 5 of the hottest gifts for your girlfriend!

Concert tickets

It’s always better to spend money on experiences than things, so the first gift we would suggest would be concert tickets to her favorite band. If you’ve noticed your girlfriend mentioning Iron & Wine or Ben Howard, take note of the next time they’re hitting your town.
Giving your girlfriend tickets also gives you the chance to participate in her gift while stretching out the experience. As opposed to a set or earrings, tickets allow for you and your girlfriend to anticipate the event and then enjoy it together (even if Sara Bareilles isn’t your thing).

A mix CD or playlist

The proverbial mix tape has not died with the birth of the MP3. This gift may seem a bit old-fashioned but it has two things for it:
First, this gift is from the heart. Music plays a huge role in relationships and collecting the songs that mean something to your relationship or remind you or your girlfriend is a great way to say: ‘I care and I notice’.
Second, if you’re a student or a bit pinched financially, this gift is meaningful without breaking the bank.
If you’re not into CDs anymore, no worries, throw together a playlist using a free online service with 8tracks and she can take her playlist with her anywhere!

Customized Etsy Jewelry

Usually customized jewelry means that you have to spend big bucks to get anything of decent quality, but with the popularity of Etsy it now means that access to well-made custom jewelry is available to everyone.
Many Etsy shops specializes in simple, delicate jewelry that can be customized with etchings, initials, colors and stones and you can also feel better about your choice knowing you are supporting a small business.
Not sure what your girl will like?
Look at her current jewelry favorites (such as metal choice, size of pieces and lengths) and then compare to the hundreds of Etsy shops available to you. Remember, be sure check the reviews before buying anything from an Etsy shop!

A mini getaway

Don’t have the bucks to shell out for a surprise, all-inclusive two weeks in the Bahamas? No problem!
Learn to be a tourist in your own state or province and try finding a cute inn or cottage that you can rent for a couple days. Put together a little itinerary of places you can go together and explore to keep it fun and active.
With Airbnb now a worldwide phenomenon, you can find locations nearby to make the most of your little trip. If it’s the chilly winter months, consider looking for a spot with a woodstove or fireplace and if it’s the height of summer, waterfront is a must.
Keep in mind; this is a gift that might work better in a long-term relationship, since springing this on a third date might be a little weird.

Anything on Pinterest

I know it’s daunting, but spending an evening scrolling through your girlfriend’s pins is a goldmine for gift ideas, especially if you’re still stumped as to what she would like.
If you’re still uncertain as to what to get your girl, go check out her Pinterest and you’ll find that she’s probably already found something for you. Knit Ralph Lauren gloves? The latest novel by her favorite author? Dig around and see what she keeps going back to. Also convenient is that most Pinterest pins are linked back to locations where you can buy the item itself or, at the very least, will give you an idea where you can purchase it.
Be forewarned, you may see wedding Pins!