Clothing since time immemorial has been used to make personal statements apart from clothing them. Clothes are also mandatory for every human and each garment made has to be sewn. Sewing is the primary means of joining two fabrics together to make garments. The garments or any other sewn items quality is as good as the machine that was used. Therefore, getting the best sewing machine for home use determines the final job quality.

Sewing is art has been in the perfection lane as it dates back centuries. From the use of raw skills of weaving to needs, manually operated machines to the automated sewing machines, the process has seen a load of change. When looking for the best sewing machine for beginners, below are the tips you have to consider.

  • Stitches patterns-the more stitching patterns the machine can make the better for your sewing experience.
  • Stitching speed-although all sewing machines have a good stitching average, some jobs may require more speed than others especially where there is batch production.
  • Accessories-a sewing machine should come with varied options of accessories for use, which reduces the need to buy other equipment to do the same job. It saves money.
  • Automation-automated sewing machines reduce the time required to do the small tasks saving time, and the user can therefore entirely focus on the job.
  • Portability-the size and weight of the sewing machine decides the handling process. Light and compact devices are suitable for moving around with than heavier ones.

Below is a list of the five best sewing machines for home use that you can get in the market:

1. Singer 7258

Singer 7258

The Singer 7258 sewing machine is capable of making over 100 stitches patterns, which is offering an excellent variation for any sewing works. It also comes with 10 different presser feet options for easy customization depending on the sewing works. It has an LCD screen and control buttons that easy to operate during use.

It also has capabilities of manual or automatic stitch length and width depending on the kind of stitching you are performing. It has an automatic adjustable speed with a maximum of 750 stitches per minute, which makes it slightly slower than it does counterparts but its rate is acceptable. It also makes up for the slow speed with other features such as a six single-step buttonhole styles for more options to choose from and twin-needle capabilities.

The automatic ability makes it sound for learners use as it features an automatic needle threader, cutter and bobbin winder; it helps in all the small, time-consuming works that could be quite hard for a starter. It comes with accessories such as lighting that aid in low light area sewing, adjustable free-arm sewing on more significant projects and an extendable table purchased separately. The manufacturer offers a 25-year warranty on the head and a five-year on the motor.

The Bottom Line

Despite being slower in comparison to its counterparts, it features an intuitive design that beginners can learn with quickly as they become experienced sewers. It also offers numerous machine parts that can be upgraded with time to suit each sewing situation.

2. Brother CS6000i

Brother CS6000i

This is a programmable sewing machine that is capable of 850 stitches per minute. It offers a wide array of options and capabilities in tailoring projects especially quilting works. The digital controls and the LCD ease the operations such as speed adjusting and stitch selection. The LCD also displays error messages in case of any malfunction.

For the beginners with shaky hands and no handy skills in handling accessories, the CS6000i features an automatic needle threader, bobbin winder and thread cutter to ease the struggle during sewing. This saves time. It also can sew buttons in 7 different styles and automatic tensioner to facilitate any fabric sewing. Other accessories include seven presser feet options for easy customization, a sewing needle set, seam ripper, screwdrivers and a cleaning brush.

The machine weighs in at only 13 pounds, which makes it light and portable, easy to carry around. The transport case also doubles as the dust cover during storage to protect the delicate parts within the machine.

The Bottom Line

The portability and versatility of the machine make it an ideal buy for those who want to learn or set tailoring business.

3. Janome Magnolia 7318

Janome Magnolia 7318

The sewing machines come with offers simplicity and functionality. It comes with rotary dial knobs controls to choose between 18 stitching styles and four one four-step buttonhole stitching. It also features snap-on presser feet that are responsible for the smooth operation.

Accessories include a blind Hem foot, a specialized bobbin, buttonhole foot needle set and zipper foot among other essential tools. It also comes with a dust cover that helps protect from dust during storage. This protects the delicate moving parts for durability.

The Bottom Line

The machine is an excellent point for starters as it manually operated. It gives learners systematic training to help understand tailoring.

4. Singer Quantum Stylist 9960

Singer Quantum Stylist 9960

A simple sewing machine that comes ready to use especially for the beginners. The sewing machines feature a digital control LCD panel and buttons that offer about 600 different stitch patterns. The easy digital controls make it possible to toggle around the speeds that can reach up to 850 stitches per minute for a quick stitch. It also offers the highest stitch variety in this category of sewing machine making it one of the best machine overall.

It is made of quality, durable parts that guarantee durability and a manufacturer’s 25-year warranty. With accessories such as 19 presser feet option for customization purposes. It also features an automatic thread cutter, needle threader, and an electronic bobbin winder and tension control. Also has twin needle capabilities and 13 button-sewing styles. This cuts the downtime, as you do not have to stop for any of the small tasks while sewing.

The Bottom Line

Being one of the fastest sewing machines, it can help you sew your projects as fast as possible. Also with a wide selection of stitch patterns, it offers variety to achieve almost impossible stitches with can be used delicate works of embroidery. It is the best buy for tailors who want sew at home or even run a business.

5. Brother HC1850

Brother HC1850

The sewing machine was designed with flexibility and ease of use in mind. The machine is portable with detachable full table for different project sizes. It offers 130 unique stitches and 55 alphanumeric sewing stitches for regular sewing. It has 8 presser feet options for easy personalization. It has a digital LCD and simple push buttons that are well labeled for easy use.

The use made much more comfortable as it comes with a CD manual in English Spanish. It also offers to speed adjustable sewing speed, automatic threading system, and a feed system to work on any fabric. It also used for quilting processes such as spring action quilting foot, and the ability to do free-motion quilting.

The Bottom Line

With the machine being lightweight and sizable is perfect for learning while having to carry it around to class. With other features such as feed exceptional feed systems and accessories, it is a good buy for small works such as sewing, monogramming, quilting and embroidery.

Final Verdict

Depending on the requirements of your work, there is a sewing machine can meet them all the way. With the simple guide and the detailed review of the 5 best sewing machines, I believe making a choice will be from an informed position.

Am Sazzad Hossain, a fashion enthusiast and a sewing machine expert. Since I saw a sewing machine at work, I developed a personal interest in understanding the workings and the processes. Over the years, I have come across a myriad of machines and had a chance to lay my hands on them working. Through this, I have amassed hands-on experience, and I decided to share this through my website: to help out my fellow enthusiasts. Hope you enjoyed


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