5 Best Skills Dominating on Fiverr in 2017


It does not matter if you are a student or stay at home mom who is thinking to start making money at home. There are many ways you can use to make money online, and most of them are reliable sources that will help you make a decent income every month. Fiverr is a best freelancing platform where you can provide the best Fiverr gigs to start making real money online.

Let’s get into the details on how you can make money by offering Fiverr best Fiverr concerts.

  • Create logos that are attractive
  • Resume graphic designing templates
  • Optimize web pages for search engines
  • Offer the blog services commenting
  • Write articles for others

Create logos that are attractive

Create logos

No matter if someone runs a business or just a blog, everyone needs a logo that sets them apart from the crowd. Unfortunately, most people end up either using amateur logos or spend too much money on their logos. Here’s where Fiverr goes into practice where you can create attractive logos just for $ 5.

You just need to make sure to give unique logo design template or mockup and never participate in directly copying other logos. There are also services on Fiverr that allows you to make more money by offering;

  • eBook cover designs
  • Cartoons and caricatures
  • design Photography
  • brochures
  • Business card design, etc.

Resume graphic designing templates

Resume graphic designing

The Resume graphic designing templates in of the 5 list to work with Fiverr. In today’s fast world, no one has time to read boring resume. You have to make them read in an attractive way. At Fiverr you can offer your services to create Resumes in graphic. For this easy task you charge $40 to $100.

For getting ideas how to create resume in graphic design give a time to search on Google and download Resume graphic designing templates.

Optimize web pages for search engines

Optimize web pages for search engines

Everyone wants more search engine traffic, which is what most bloggers and website owners crave for. If you learn some SEO page skills, keyword research and other optimization tips, you can make a decent income from Fiverr by offering related SEO services.

It goes from SEO keyword optimization to writing related SEO keywords. Basically, what your buyers need is 100% unique content that is well optimized for search engines. If you can maintain keyword density around 1% to 2% and offer 300 to 500 words (depending on niche), you can attract a lot of potential customers who are interested in buying SEO services from you.

Offer the Blog Commenting Services

Offer the Blog Commenting Services

Blog commenting is one of the simplest to get traffic to a website and building relationships with other bloggers. Blog comments also work great as social proof that if you get more than average number of comments on your posts, most people find your blog as authentic. This can lead you to more product sales and online reputation.

Get a list of relevant blogs in various niches and spend quality time on comments on these blogs for your customers to make money from Fiverr. In general, you can provide a Fiverr concert offering 5 to 10 blog comments (keyword included) for $ 5. This way you will attract a lot of customers who are interesting in your stuff.

Write Articles for Others

Write Articles for Others

Everyone is looking for quality articles. Web masters, bloggers, SEO experts, new bloggers everyone is looking for talented writers who can give unique articles. Where can you find the lowest price writing article other than Fiverr?

If you are passionate about writing, then this is the RIGHT Fiverr concert for you. Content writing is not only the best Fiverr concert that helps you makes more money, but it also gives you enough space to work with clients you love. This way you will get decent income from Fiverr as well as job satisfaction. Aim around proving 500 to 600 word articles for $ 5 when you are new to attracting more customers to your Fiverr account.

Once you start making money, you can then reduce the number of words and focus more on getting high-paying customers.

In a nutshell: Be patient when you want to make money from selling your best concerts on Fiverr. Do not expect the money to roll immediately as you need experience to know how to make more money with less effort.

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