Finding software that works for your business whilst sticking to your budget can be challenging at times, particularly when you are looking to change the way your company is run. However, it is not impossible with lead management software as well as accounting and project management software as you have everything you need in place to run your business effectively. In this article, we will be giving you our choice of software that you should be using in your business during 2019.

Wave Accounting – Accounting Software

Running a business of any size is challenging, but with Wave accounting software, your small business and its spending can be monitored at every stage. With invoicing capabilities as well as essentials such as receipts scanning and account managing, you can have everything you need for your business finances all in one place. Though this particular tool is free for those looking to use the accounting, receipts and invoicing capabilities, there are pay as you go charges for credit card processing and other additional extras. In addition to this, there are no hidden charges or set up fees, allowing you to use the free software for as long as you need.

Wrike – Project Management Software

Another beneficial aspect of a business is to look at where your time is being spent as a team. One of the ways that you can do this effectively is through the use of a project management tool such as Wrike. This not only gives you the ability to look at the amount of work you have every day, but it also allows you to complete tasks and track the workload of other members of your team to ensure maximum productivity at all times.

Social Media Management

Join. me – Video Conferencing

Join. Me is very similar to other software such as ring central that allows you to join video conferences throughout the course of the day with a group of people as well as businesses. This is great for those that have frequent Skype meetings as video conferencing allows for a stable connection with anyone in the world. By sending a link through email or over a messenger connection, they can connect to your meeting directly and this will, therefore, be much more stable than a traditional skype connection.

Hootsuite – Social Media Management

If you have a growing social media department with a number of clients, Hootsuite is the tool for you. With a wide range of different finance plans ranging from the free plan to the enterprise plan, you can find the perfect method that works for you. If you are a small business with a restrictive budget, then using Hootsuite will help you to manage that time effectively and ensure that you are spending the correct amount of time with the right clients. Though this can take time to perfect, you will then be able to use this and upgrade the account when the business continues to expand.

Document Sharing with Dropbox

Whether you are a small business or a business that has multiple offices, Dropbox is the perfect tool to manage all your files and ensure that everyone has access to all the files that they need. This is beneficial for a business as there are a number of different plans for you to use. Whether this is a plus, professional or business account, you have the capability to save remotely with everyone in your office having access to the files. This is beneficial for a business of any size as it increases productivity and reduces the dependency there is on paper. Whether you are looking for free software to use for your start-up business or you are looking to change up the way that you complete jobs in your company, you can have exactly what you need all at once with one of these tools. Which of these will you be implementing first?