There’s definitely something romantic about trains, especially those that take us to our destination at a slow pace, making it easier for us to enjoy the stunning views from the window seat while usually enjoying a luxurious and comfortable trip. When travelers want the journey to be part of their trip, planning a ride on any of these trains is definitely a good idea. 

We love car trips in Bonzah, but we wouldn’t reject an invitation to travel on any of these fascinating trains, probably the 5 best in the whole world!

The Orient Express: London-Venice

The Venice Simplon Orient Express was made famous by Agatha Christie and her stories full of murders and mystery. This famous train ride starts in London and passengers stop at Paris overnight. Breakfast is served over fresh-baked French croissants as the train travels through Switzerland. Passengers then stop at Verona overnight until they reach Venice.

The Venice Simplon Orient Express seduces train lovers with the most luxurious and glamorous service. World class service, the finest haute cuisine, a piano bar for the most romantic evening and cars are exquisitely decorated in art deco style. The scenery from the window seats is simply stunning. Despite there’s no Wi-Fi nor private bathrooms on board, you’ll have the experience of a lifetime!

The Train to the Clouds, Argentina

A must-have experience for altitude-seekers, the Tren de las Nubes along part of the of the old line from Salta, in the NW of Argentina, to the Chilean border, climbs to almost 14000 feet during a journey that lasts for seven hours through the stunning Andean scenery. 

The Train to the Clouds offers the highest train journey in the world not using a rack and pinion system. The backdrop is simply overwordly: multicolored rock formations, giant cactus fields and a pristine sky! 

It’s a very popular tourist attraction and, although the ride is not very long, it will definitely create cherishable memories in  your mind. 

Bernina Express, Switzerland

Running from Chur and Saint Moritz in eastern Switzerland to Tirano in northern Italy, the Bernina Express surprises travellers with one of the most scenic rides in the planet. Throughout the four hour journey you’ll pass through 55 tunnels, almost 200 bridges and a sensational alpine landscape, splendid waterfalls, glaciers and dramatic ravines. Thanks to the vista windows, passengers can take in every inch of the fantastic scenery. The limb over the Bernina pass at 7000 feet often takes place in a raging snowstorm. Fortunately, you can be comfortably basking at a café table meanwhile. You’ll ride from the snowy Swiss mountain tops to the balmy Italian Mediterranean views. You’ll enjoy a fantastic diversity of landscapes in a relatively short ride! Don’t leave your camera behind!

The Royal Scotsman, Scotland

The Royal Scotsman is a luxurious train ride. The train features rich wood interiors, elegant lounges and comfortable suites. The bar is stunning and, needless to say, it’s packed with hundreds of whiskey bottles of 50 different kinds. 

Passengers can choose amongst the different journeys available. The classic option is a fou-night voyage that runs from Edinburgh to the Scottish Highlands. Love whiskey? The ride includes visits to renowned distilleries and sightseeing outings to historic castles

You can’t miss the chance to explore Scotland in th

e Royal Scotsman. You’ll travel along with 36 passengers, what makes the ride really intimate and luxurious. It’s quite an expensive train ride but the fee includes the meals that passengers are served, alcohol, sightseeing excursions and whiskey tasting experiences.    

Napa Valley Wine Train

The Napa Valley Wine Train takes you on a 3-hour, 36-mile round trip or lunch and dinner journey. The Zinfandel Wine Tasting Lounge is stunning as well as the 1915-1917 Pullman dining car where you can enjoy a freshly made meal. 

The Napa Valley Wine Train is more than a fantastic train ride; it’s an experience. This luxurious vintage train takes you to St Helena and back as you roll pass some of the most celebrated wineries in California.

With its Honduran mahogany paneling, brass accents, etched glass partitions and plush armchairs ,the Napa Valley Wine Train will take you in a trip back time to the early 1900s. Sit back and relax as you enjoy the extraordinary scenery while sipping as many wine varieties as you can in 3 hours.


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