Did you know that eight different types of bearings get used to manufacture high-quality casters? This is just one of the many details that go into this often forgotten about part.

Without heavy duty caster wheels, your industrial equipment will be stuck in one place. But you can’t just throw any casters you have lying around on your equipment. You need to use the right set of casters for the task.

Use this guide to help you select the right casters for your industrial equipment.

Two Main Categories: Rigid and Swivel

Casters fall into either rigid or swivel design. Swivel casters can rotate in 360 degrees, which makes them perfect for moving heavy equipment or loads.

Rigid casters won’t rotate; this means they can only move in a forward or backward position. The limited maneuverability of these casters means they get used more often in medical or institutional equipment.

1. Stem Casters 

The name of these castors refers to how the caster attaches to the equipment. There is a post, or stem, that attaches to the bottom of your equipment.

These types of casters can give your equipment mobility that wouldn’t traditionally have it. You’ll find them in rubber or polyurethane so they won’t scratch the flooring.

2. Plate Casters 

Instead of having a stem, these casters have a flat plate mounted on the top. This makes attaching them to the bottom of the equipment even easier. If you have heavy or industrial equipment, then you’ll want to consider a heavy duty caster with a plate.

This type of caster can carry more weight, which makes them better suited for industrial applications.

3.  Leveling Casters

Do you need your equipment to sit at a specific angle or level? These casters have a plate, but you can adjust them to ensure that your equipment sits correctly. You’ll see them used on everything from chairs to vending machines and medical equipment.

4. Pneumatic and Solid Rubber Casters

These are the casters that are meant for delicate or sensitive equipment. They work best for slow speed movability. These casters will give you a quiet ride by absorbing shock and creating a cushioned ride.

You should use pneumatic wheels when you need to roll your equipment over outdoor surfaces or rough outdoor terrain.

5. Side Mount Casters

The other casters that we have discussed all have horizontal plates. These casters are different because they turn the plate vertical. This allows you to mount the caster on the side instead of the bottom of your equipment.

You’ll see this type of caster used on furniture or gates.

Outfit Your Equipment With Heavy Duty Caster Wheels

Choosing the right heavy duty caster wheels for your industrial equipment depends on the equipment you have. You need to decide if you need full maneuverability or just forward and backward movement.

Then you need to decide if your equipment is delicate, needs leveling, or need side mounting.

Check out our lists of other five best things to help you buy the best for your business.


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