YouTube is probably the biggest online videos platform of the world. There are millions of videos uploaded each and every day. Millions of people from all over the world love to watch YouTube videos, they have followed their favorite channels of multiple niche. Whether it is a sports channel, fashion, food, fitness, music and other podcasts, you have it on YouTube. YouTube is the most used platform for videos online. But the issue is there are trillions of music, speeches, podcast, debates, documentaries and bunch of other stuff that we would love to hear in audio. Because listening to podcasts, music, debates, self-betterment videos and speeches in audio has its own charm and in fact the need of millions of people in the world. The reason for that is a lot of us are busy people, we don’t have much time to watch the whole video instead we want to have that video converted to audio so we can hear it in our headphones, in car or in similar situations. So for that purpose we need some great ways to convert YouTube video into mp3 version, so we can hear it all on our phones and other stuff. So to fulfill your purpose of hearing youtube mp3 stuff, follow the list down below to have the ultimate solution for your problem.

The multiple ways to convert YouTube video into mp3

I will keep the best for the last and start from the 3rd best YouTube converter available for the users like you. So let’s get into it.


Want the best quality audio for the professional level editing and usage. The FLVTO video to audio converter is the ultimate solution to the problem. All you have to do is to copy the url link of the video and the software will itself convert the highest quality version of the video available on the uploaded platform. This gives the perfect quality audio for uninterrupted audio listening. FLVTO takes a lot less time than any other platform available online. Moreover, it is totally free.

2. Any audio converter

This comes at the second number as the software is quite effective and offer multiple features. For example, if you want to convert audio not just from YouTube but also from some other platforms, so this software provides links to multiple other video platforms. The software also manage to covert audio in short time as well as in good audio condition. The service works well with newer version of their software and can work on multiple operating systems.

Now, we will talk about the best YouTube videos mp3 converter on the planet right now.

3. YouTubemp3 is really effective online service to convert any videos into mp3 audio version. No sign up required in this platform and you have to copy the link of video and paste it in the URL section of the YouTube mp3 conversion page. It will take some time and then convert the file which you can download and start listening seemingly. This system to convert videos into mp3 audio is quite better and effective than the other websites and platforms available on internet.

This is an independent platform which means you will be able to use it with your Mac, PC, iPhone or even linux pcs. The conversion quality will be at least 128 kBit/s that means quality is fine here. The YouTube mp3 is completely free. This platform takes about 4 to 5 minutes conversion time for each video. Which is not as fast as it should be but much better than many of the platforms.