Direct mutual fund plans are the go-to option for any investor. It is because these types of investments erase the necessity of any kind of distributor. As a result, not only does it minimize costs regarding any transaction, direct mutual fund plans also results in minimal fees. While this difference seems to be insignificant at first, compounding makes a massive difference at times, even thousands to lakhs of rupees.

This post would provide you insights on the best ways that you can take for investing in direct top mutual funds. However, there are two aspects to this. You can either buy these mutual funds online from a stockbroker or a local distributor of mutual funds. Or, you can also choose to invest offline by directly visiting the offices of any Mutual Fund Organization of your choice.

How Can You Directly Invest in Online Mutual Funds?

Several online options are using which you can directly invest in mutual funds. But, before starting, you need to have any identity proof using which the preferred company can formulate your login details. After linking the KYC to your identity proof, you can invest via various platforms using the details of the identity proof. After these formalities are done with, you can now choose any routes.

Investment in Direct Plans via the Website Of Mutual Fund Houses

After you decide on which funds you would be investing, directly you get the provision of choosing mutual fund schemes. You can do that via an Online Portal of Asset Management Company. For investing in any type of funds, you can visit the website of the fund house and purchase online fund units. For obtaining such online funds using direct mutual fund app, first, you should:

Register Your Account via the Mutual Fund Organization

If you want to invest in using the online scheme, you need to create an account initially. The personal details necessary are quite similar to the required application form of mutual funds. Some mutual fund companies ask for necessary registration and then a complete registration process. These registration approaches vary from firm to firm.

Choosing the Details Of Investment and the Most Preferred Scheme

After arriving at the section of investment on the online form, you need to select the “Type of Plan” to be direct. Also, before proceeding through, you need to confirm the scheme option once again. The best mutual funds to invest should enable you to choose between a Dividend or Growth option under this direct plan. As per your monetary ambitions, select an option that resonates with your requirements.

Verification and Completion of Transaction

After you are done with the formalities, any best direct mutual fund app would ask you to recheck the details. You should never take it casually and move on. Mutual fund investment is always subject to risks, and you should always take time to read it thoroughly. There are numerous times where there is a typo in the bank account number. If you are not careful at the beginning of this process, and there is an issue, fixing it would be a tedious task. Using such a registration process provides you with several unique advantages. After successful verification, you can finish your process of a transaction.

How Can You Buy Direct Offline Mutual Funds?

Depending on which funds you should be investing in, you can visit the nearest AMC or registrar office for investment. For people who are not that adept on the best online investment apps, this process would be a lot simpler for you. All you need to do is complete the Common Application or SIP form thoroughly with caution. It would be best if you mentioned the scheme that you wish to invest in along with some other details.

Using Mutual Fund Utilities

For different types of fund houses, there are various kinds of Mutual Fund Utilities for you to opt. But, first, you have to create an account before you can do any transaction.

There are no AMCs that you cannot transact using your mutual funds. Using this approach would give you the privilege of investing in various fund houses using a single transaction form.

In case you wish to invest via MF utilities, you should fill-up and submit the PayEezz form. It is a type of facility provisioned by Mutual Fund Utilities, where any investor would be able to register a solitary one-time authorization and offer a standing regulation to the banker. You can do it by mandating the MF Utility to debit the account of the investor for future subscriptions and transactions.

If you intend to register with PayEezz, investors should not issue any other payment instructions or checks. Every time you plan to invest via MFU, there would always be a reference on the upper limit on the mandate issued by PayEezz.

How Can SIP Investment Groww Help You in Investment of Mutual Funds

If you intend to invest shortly, you may think that mutual funds and SIPs are the same. However, the latter is only a type of approach that you can take to invest in different mutual funds. The other way alone determines the returns that you can choose while parking your necessary funds in every investment tool. Using SIP investment, you can proceed to invest in a fixed mutual fund or a sum of money at uniformly regular intervals. SIPs offer you a more advantageous way of spending your funds as and when compared to a significant amount of money, as per several experts of mutual funds. Alongside this, SIP investments also help you take financially sound decisions and develop a savings habit that would be beneficial for you in the future. Not only this, you can plan your investment depending on the tenure and amount. Also, it supports you to estimate the total summation of investments after the period of your SIP. Taking help of such services also relieves you from the hassle of any manual calculations and you get guaranteed accurate results.

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