Best Way to Remove EXE Viruses

Executable (EXE) files are computer viruses that are activated when the infected file or program is opened or clicked on. Executable viruses are particularly dangerous because they can disable antivirus programs, cause annoying and incessant pop-ups that can slow down computer performance, and even steal sensitive information and relay this data to an unauthorized person. Your best line of defense is a virus scan from your antivirus suite .

Best Way to Remove

1.Download and install an antivirus program, such as Panda Cloud Antivirus, AVG Antivirus Free Edition, and Avast Free Antivirus (see Resources). Antivirus programs detect, de-activate, and remove executable computer viruses. .

2.Check the installed programs on your computer. Executable virus programs may have an un-installation wizard that may weaken or completely remove the virus from your hard drive. Go to the “Control Panel” and select “Add/Remove Programs.” You will be presented with a list of programs installed on your computer. Sift and inspect each program and remove suspicious applications or programs that you never authorized to be installed onto the computer. .

3.Boot your computer in Safe Mode. Safe Mode is a diagnostic utility that starts the computer with only essential programs starting at startup, subsequently disabling the executable virus. Restart the computer. As soon as your computer turns on, click on the “F8” button on your keyboard. Navigate with the arrow keys and highlight “Safe Mode.” Select “Enter” on your computer keyboard. .

4. Open your antivirus program. Start a complete system scan. Allow the program to finish the virus scan. The virus scan can take a few minutes or a few hours, depending on the amount of files on your hard drive that needs to be checked for viruses. . .

5.Inspect the viruses that the antivirus program detected. Click on each virus name and select “Remove” or “Delete.” The program will delete all viruses, including executable computer viruses. Restart the computer and boot normally Finally, some free programs give you stuff you don’t want. The AVG app and Comodo Internet Security both default to installing unnecessary search or social networking browser toolbars (you can opt out during program installation), and many free apps display ads urging you to buy the paid versions.We highly recommend Ashampoo WinOptimizer 11 to remove this EXE virus and to speed up your PC


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