Best Way To Write Your First Email To Women On Dating Site

Best Way To Write Your First Email To Women On Dating Site

We all have experimented with online Dating (although most of us too embarrassed to admit it), and Sure we all a few guys and girls looked good and have an effective profile, but after the first email with these people we lose interest , is they do something wrong? So here we will share with the best way to write your first email to women on dating sites.

Follow these steps will help you to send your first email to woman on a dating site .

Write Real Email

When you’re trying to attract the attention of a special woman/ girl on your favorite online dating site, make sure your email is written like an email- not a text message sent by your 13 your old sister. For example, “U R Sexy” is lame or “U R Eyes are Gorgeous “. Wow, can you really not spell out “you” and “are” for the whopping 3 word email you just composed? Also, telling somebody they are sexy implies that you want to sleep with them. Telling somebody they are pretty/gorgeous/beautiful is a better approach (even if you really do want to sleep with them). Honestly, I get tons of messages a day (as do most women), and about 95% of them comment on my looks. I have a personality too…which people would know if they actually READ my profile.

Read Don’t Be Shallow

This should really be step 1, but guys (and people in general) tend to be shallow; odds are high that you saw a pretty face and immediately started drafting a heartfelt message. Make sure you have read that hot chick’s profile before you email her (looking at pictures of her in a sexy cloth or drinking doesn’t count; you MUST actually read the words on her page). Never send a message that simply says, “Saw your profile, liked what I saw”. Really? Did you? That’s so vague, Random Internet Guy. Do you send that to every girl? Probably, since you didn’t SPECIFICALLY mention anything that you liked about her profile. I bet the only thing you liked was that she has a vagina

ASK Questions

After you specify what you liked about her, ask a few questions. Don’t be the guy who may or may not have read a woman’s profile; there’s no telling, since all he talks about is himself: “I like this and this and this, I want a woman who is this and this and…”, uh huh, right, blah blah blah, shut up already. When I get a message that doesn’t ask/say at least one thing about me, my profile, or what *I* like to do, I delete it. If a girl wants your personal description, she will check your profile out herself. We do know how to read, believe it or not.

Be The Man

Not all guys are bad, but the nice ones are often the ones who leave all the work to the woman- “you seem cool, hit me up if you want to talk”. That’s great, put it all on us…including starting a new conversation via email. Because a conversation, last time I checked, required statements or questions that could be responded to/discussed. “You seem cool, hit me up” leaves us feeling like we are the only one making the effort…like we’re chasing you. You are probably the kind of guy who thinks he’s being respectful, because YOU are offering HER the chance to talk to you, IF she wants. You are also the kind of guy who, for every date you ever go on, will say, “I don’t know. What do YOU want to do? You decide”. I like bossing guys around just as much as the next girl, but I’m okay with somebody else contributing ideas to the relationship from time to time. Don’t be a cocky jerk, but feel free to show your confident side in your first email.


Check your spelling/grammar before you hit send. Make sure that you are familiar with the difference between tricky homophones such as your/you’re and to/too. Use proper verb tenses; “I have seen your profile” is not correct. Also, punctuation and commas are not optional; this is NOT a sentence: “So I liked your profile and my name is Tim and I work in an office and I see you have kids well I like kids too so that’s cool”. Your message doesn’t have to sound like an essay for English 101, or a report for that big client at work- but try to write like the intelligent person that you are.

Tips: Remember, it is creepy to email a woman multiple times without receiving a response. .