5 Ways To Know You’ve Chosen The Right Letting Agents

Becoming a landlord can be an extremely tricky and difficult, however there are things that can be done on your behalf. There is a huge amount of letting agents that will promise you a host of services and leave you in the lurch. Ensuring you choose the right letting agent can seem as though it is a huge hassle, but once you have the right agent you’ll reap the benefits. We have come up with a few tips to help you find the right letting agents.

Are They Reliable?

A respectable and reliable letting agent is something that is always beneficial. Letting agents should always explain each and every little process. This will help you understand everything down to the finer details and how you’ll transition from stage to stage. Do not forget to take a look whether letting agents will help you with your EPC’s and other safety certificates.

Do You They Look The Part

Presentation is key and we all understand how important first impressions are. Some letting agents may come across as formal, but they can often not go further than a friendly handshake and approach. Having an approachable and friendly letting agent can help build trust and make the process even easier for yourself. Trust your gut and once you feel comfortable with the letting agents, it’ll make the process a lot easier.

What Are Levels Of Service?

Can your letting agent promise you different landlord services? Each level of service should range from benefitting your tenants, property maintenance and a whole host of individual landlord services. This will help you in the longer run, as letting agents will help you with a bespoke package rather than generic services.

How Will They Handle You As A Client?

Whether you are a letting agent based in Birmingham or America, the way they handle you as a client is extremely crucial. Each landlord will require a different amount of service, so if you’re paying more, you should expect a better service. Find the right balance and take a look at whether they are trying to prioritise you, so all of your business is done efficiently. Take things such as response time into consideration and find a letting agent that isn’t going to leave you in the lurch.

Is It Worth The Price?

Letting agents will always have different prices, but the price of their service is hugely important. Don’t let letting agents take more money than necessary and leave without any services. This can result in them taking advantage of you and not providing you with the full range of services. Ensure that they tell you the individual prices, so you are not left surprised by any hidden charges.


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