Introduction to Espresso Making

Every Barista has their own secret coffee-making recipe.

I will show you how to make a great cup of Espresso with a best rated super automatic espresso machine!

Getting Started

Before you get started, there are a few things you need:

The first thing you need is a best rated super automatic espresso machine (yes, you heard that right!).

Now you’re probably thinking, “Why should this be the first and most important thing? Why not coffee first?” Simple, I say.

The reason is because you need to have one to brew the perfect blend of coffee. Besides, how on Earth do you make coffee so yummy without the best rated super automatic espresso machine? (Blimey, I have no idea how.

Water. Water. Fresh Water.

The second thing you’ll need in making espresso

is water. Not just any kind of water, hot fresh water (sorry folks, no ice cubes).

It is highly important to note this: only hot and freshly-gotten water will create the perfect espresso taste. The temperature should be near boiling point, ideally

203°F (95°C). This helps to remove impurities that may contaminate the water.

How to Avoid Using Stale Water


That’s right. Water, just like bread can become stale due to some factors. They are:

  1. The presence of mildew
  2. Using water-purifying substances (e.g Water Guard®)
  3. Inefficient filtering methods

It doesn’t matter if you’re using premium coffee; as long as the water isn’t fresh, it’s not going to give you the perfect taste.

Picking The Right Coffee

The next ingredient is the coffee itself (duh).

If you’re serious about making

Espresso, you should only consider Arabica beans. It doesn’t

matter whether it has been grown in Brazil or Bogota or Benin (lol Benin doesn’t grow coffee largely).

The bean should have been grown with a minimum height of 915m and should be fresh for roasting. You can either

elf roast it immediately. You can also roast it after some days but it is vital that your

coffee has the‘fresh food’

smell in it.

Robusta beans are also a viable option, as they are easier to grow and more resistant to disease.

However, you should note that the Robusta bean contains more caffeine and has fewer flavors than the Arabica, so it isn’t the best option to use for your Espresso (it’s actually great for pick-me-ups). If you’re looking for the best coffee for your perfect beverage, check out Kimbo for all types of coffee.

Grinding The Beans

After all that, you have to finely ground the beans in a burr.

Please do not use the blades of your blender as it does not grinding the beans, it only chops them. A blender is for groceries, why would you use it to grind coffee?

In the burr attachment, the beans are finely ground between two rough plates. In practice, finely ground coffee should be like the dark Viennese or French; contrary to popular belief, this refers to the color of ground coffee and not the growing location.

The distance between the two grinding plates usually determines the texture of your ground coffee.

That’s why these espresso grinders are the highest rated in the market! They’ll do all the work for you all the while grinding your beans to that perfect texture.

Ideally, it should be only as fine as a grain of sand. It should not be too fine like powder or should not be like the shape of small gravel, so as to extract all the flavor.

Note: Do not leave your ground coffee exposed to air or moisture. Always keep it in airtight containers, to prevent absorption of odor (or moisture) from air.

Best Rated Super Automatic Espresso Machine, Here We Come!

Since you know the basic things needed for espresso making, you can now proceed to the final stage of Espresso making.Picking the right coffee

First, you need to pre-warm the machine.

To do this, simply turn on the best rated super automatic espresso machine (I just love how that rolls off the tongue) and run it through clean, fresh water, then leave it to heat up.

When the water is warm

enough, you can run a little bit of warm water into an empty cup to remove particles.

Now, you have to add your ground roasted coffee. Remember to pack it gently, just as when you’re adding tobacco to a pipe. Be careful not to let the coffee spread.

After this, you firmly place a hopper inside the machine and position the warm cup at its outlet.

Start the best rated super automatic espresso machine and in a few seconds, you’ll have the best rated super yummy cup of espresso (best resources, best product aye?). A double shot requires around twenty seconds.

Easy Espresso Recipe


Cappuccino is basically espresso with frothed milk.

To make cappuccino, simply warm 1/2 cup of milk for 1 minute, thirty seconds in a microwave.

After that, froth it and add it to your Espresso.

You can garnish with chocolate or cinnamon. Or you could add a little bit of sugar, if you like taking your coffee sweet.

Final Thoughts

At the end of it, if you want the perfect cup of Espresso, all you have to do is get the best rated super automatic espresso machine to help you keep the whole

process simple and straightforward.

Always clean the machine after each use, clean and use only the best quality ingredients.

Now you’re much closer to brewing that perfect cup of espresso.

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Amit Ahuja
Amit Ahuja
Jan 5, 2018 5:08 am

Obviously the great tips Arifur. Your work SEO and coffee are great combinations.