In this day and age, it is very dangerous to be complacent with your home’s safety. Thieves get more and more desperate, and they come in all shapes and sizes.If you want to make sure your home is as safe as possible, you should make a concerted effort. You should also know what tools and tricks to use. Here are the best ways to safeguard your home from theft.

1. Invest In Locks

If you want to protect your home from any form of attack, it is important that you invest in top quality locks. Remember that the doors are the main entry points of a house, and it is usually where thieves will try to get in. As a rule, locks are your first line of defense. By investing in quality locks, you will be able to increase your chances of defending your home from theft.  When you buy your locks, you should make sure that they are tamper proof, and will fit snugly to your door. Remember that thieves love loosely fitted locks because it allows them to pick the lock more easily.

Aside from your locks, you should also take the time to check your door hinges. Some thieves may forgo the locks, and try to disassemble the hinges instead. Take the time to check all the hinges, and reinforce them. By reinforcing them, you will be able to dissuade intruders from going inside your home.

2. Install Security Cameras Around Your Home

Aside from locks, it is important that you install security cameras all over your home. Remember that your home is predominantly vulnerable to getting ransacked by burglars. This is especially true for homes that are far away from residential areas. 

 By investing in security cameras, you will be able to keep your home under constant surveillance, and be able to spot intruders from coming in.You could also install sensors in various parts of your home, to warn you of any intruders that may break into your home.

3. Invest In A Good Quality Safe

When it comes to protecting your valuables , it is important that you have a safe on hand. Remember that a majority of thieves usually don’t want to stay too long at the scene of the crime. They usually want to steal valuables as fast as possible. As a rule, they will try to steal whatever valuables they could get their hands on. They will try to open drawers and closets in your home. If you want to stop the thieves from stealing your valuables, you should invest in a safe, and install it somewhere secure. If you want the very best safes possible, you should invest in Safewell safes. These safe manufacturers are capable of creating some of the best safes, at very affordable prices.

As for the best area to install your safe, you have a lot of options. You could install the safe on a wall, and cover the safe with a painting. You could also install the safe on the floor, and cover it with some furniture. This will give the safe a hide in site quality that will enhance your safe’s protection. 

4. Install Shatterproof Windows

One of the main entry points for thieves is through the window of a home. They will usually try to shatter the window in order to get inside a house. By installing shatterproof windows to your home, you will be able to prevent thieves from getting inside your home.  

Aside from installing shatterproof windows, you should also install pressure sensors to your windows. These sensors should have a trigger that raises an alarm whenever someone tries to force open the lock. 

5. Install Lighting To Shaded Areas

Thieves will usually stake out a house before they try to break in. They will usually check the area for shaded areas where they could hide. As a precaution, you should take the time to check your hole for any potential blind spots. These spots are usually very secluded, and thieves could try to slip through without being seen.

One of the best ways to use lights for your home defense, is to utilize lights connected to a movement sensor. By doing so, you will be alerted of any potential threat.

6. Secure The Garage Doors

Yet another entry point that thieves will try to use  are the garage doors. The garage doors are usually very vulnerable, because the doors are not as secure compared to the hinges doors. Determined thieves will usually try to force the garage doors open, and slip in under them.

You could lessen the danger of thieves getting inside your garage by investing in multiple locks. You could also lessen the chances even further by installing a burglar alarm on the garage doors. By installing burglar alarms with pressure sensors on your garage doors, you will be alerted should anyone try to force the doors open.

7. Secure Your Wifi

Aside from physical thefts, you could also be in danger of having your wifi hacked. Remember that your wifi is an entry point for hackers to get through your defenses. As a rule, you should make sure that your wifi defense is as efficient as possible.

Make sure that your wifi password is as well protected as possible. You could even check with your internet providers, and ask them how you could improve your wifi protection. You could also replace your old and worn out routers, and replace them with new and more advanced connectors and routers that will make it more difficult for people to get into your wifi.


If you want to make your home as safe from theft as possible, you should have a set strategy. With these tips, you’ll be able to safeguard your home effectively.


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