Since the day it was invented in 1902, Yunnan Baiyao has helped millions of people recovering from their wounds, internal bleeding, injury, accidents, and more. It was the traditional Chinese medicine that has helped many Chinese soldiers to recover from their battle wounds during World War II. As the use of the medicine spreads, it has helped many more people in treating their injuries and wounds throughout the world. It can even be used for pets.

If you haven’t heard of this excellent white drug from China (Baiyao means white drug), then you are missing on one of the best first aid kit to heal internal damages in your body. There are various benefits you can get when you consume the Yunnan Baiyao capsules.

Here are the 7 big benefits of Yunnan Baiyao medicine:

It Heals Internal Damages of Your Body Quickly

You might get some accidents that leave you with some internal damages in your body, along with painful sensations all over it. If you don’t treat it quickly and properly, the pain might increase in the next few days after the incident. This medicine has been known to be very effective in helping you alleviate the pain associated with these internal wounds in your body.

Yunnan Baiyao also helps to deal the internal damages of your body quickly. After receiving treatments from the hospital or your doctor, you might need to consume this medicine to help speed up the healing process that you have in your body. This allows you to recover faster with the regular treatment.

It Alleviates the Pain that You Feel from Your Injury

Any type of injury can leave very painful sensations in your body, which make it difficult for you to do normal activities during the day. Even when you are sleeping, you might feel the painful sensations during the night, which prompt you to wake up at night often. Sometimes, the regular anesthetics can only keep you painless for a few hours, which can be a problem if you have quite a bad injury.

Yunnan Baiyao medicine has been proven by many people to help alleviate painful sensations that you feel in your body because of wounds or injury. Especially, this medicine can effectively heal your internal pain, in which you can’t trace the injury or wound on your external body. It is great to give your body almost instant recovery from any painful sensations that you feel inside your body.

It Helps to Alleviate the Pain After Medical Operations

Having a medical operation can be challenging for your body. Not only will your body feel the pain for the coming days, weeks, or even months after the operation, you will also need to be very careful in doing regular activities after you have undergone a medical operation. Dealing with the pain can sometimes be unbearable, especially if the operation takes place around delicate areas inside your body.

Yunnan Baiyao medicine has been helping millions of people recovering from the pain after their medical operations in various ways. Since it was mainly used to treat injured soldiers during the World War II era, especially during their surgical operations, it has been used until now to help patients deal with the pain after medical operations. Usually, you can consume this medicine before and after the operation takes place.

It Can be Used to Treat Wounds on Your Pets

Not only this medicine is safe and effective to be used to treat people’s wounds and injuries, it can also be used to treat the wounds of your pets. Since pets are prone to have fights with other animals of the same species, they will often come home with wounds or injuries. Also, if you have pets that like to do activities like climbing, running, and so on, they might injure themselves while doing so.

Yunnan Baiyao has been used by vets as an alternative medicine to treat the wounds for common pet animals like dogs and cats. It has proven to be effective to help recover their wounds and alleviate their internal pain, so that they can be healthy again.

It is Effective for Most People, Except Those Who Have Certain Conditions

Yunnan Baiyao has been used for more than 100 years, firstly in mainland China, and then all over the world. The medicine itself is now manufactured by the Chinese government, and it has been exported in various countries in the world. The effectiveness of the medicine has been proven by millions of people who have used it to recover from various types of wounds and injuries.

However, there are certain people who cannot consume the medicine, such as pregnant women, people with irregular heartbeats, people with allergies to this medicine, and children 0-2 years old. Some very small percentage of people might not get the benefits of consuming this medicine after 3 days of usage. These are the people who might not find this medicine effective to use. But, overall, most people have seen great improvements in their health after consuming Yunnan Baiyao.

It Helps Stop Your Bleeding (External or Internal)

During the wartime, Yunnan Baiyao has been used to treat soldiers with gunshot wounds. In the modern time, this alternative Chinese medicine has been used to treat various types of bleeding, including bleeding caused by health conditions, bleeding during menstruation, or bleeding because of injuries or accidents.

Both external and internal bleeding conditions can be treated immediately with this medicine, and the result can often be seen in just a few hours or a few days. It helps stop your bleeding in various organs internally, as well as the external bleeding that you can see on your skin.

It Helps Reduce Swelling in Your Body

If you have sprained your ankle or falling on the floor, you might get some swelling in your body accompanied with painful sensations. During this time, depending on how bad your swelling, you might not be able to walk normally, and everything that you do might not feel enjoyable anymore. You might resort to massaging your body to reduce the swelling, but it might take time for you to recover fully from the injury.

In this situation, it is recommended to take Yunnan Baiyao to reduce the swelling in your body. Not only will it alleviate the accompanied pain, it can also reduce the appearance of swelling significantly. Upon regular usage of this medicine, you might be able to get your body back to normal and completely eliminate the swelling in your body.


Yunnan Baiyao has been used for more than 100 years by millions of people throughout the world, and it has been proven to be effective in treating injuries, wounds, bleeding, as well as alleviate and remove the pain associated with those injuries. The formula is proven to work on fixing the problem in your body quickly and effectively, giving you almost immediate results.

Not only that, it can also be used for pets, and many vets around the world would include this medicine for the treatment of injury for common pets like dogs and cats. The medicinal benefits of Yunnan Baiyao can help restore your health and make your body to function normally as before upon regular usage.


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