Billionaire Thomas Lee was found dead in his office at 78

Lee was a graduate of Harvard and had a fortune estimated at two billion dollars, and was famous for being a close friend of Bill and Hillary Clinton and for his charitable donations.

Billionaire Thomas Lee was found dead in his office at 78
The famous American billionaire and investor Thomas Lee

The British Daily Mail confirmed that famous American investor and billionaire Thomas Lee had passed away due to a gunshot wound. Mr. Lee was 78 years old and was found dead in his New York City office by police forces of New York late Thursday afternoon. His family’s statement released shortly after has since then broken hearts all over the world as they mourn their beloved father, son, brother, uncle and friend – Thomas Lee.

At approximately 11:10 am, the NYPD unveiled that Lee’s body had been located within his Thomas H. Lee Capital office on Manhattan’s iconic Fifth Avenue. An official statement indicated that a forensic report was still pending.

An amazing multiplication of corporate values

Forbes reported that Harvard-graduate Lee had an estimated net worth of $2 billion at the time of his passing. Throughout his career, he was famed for taking medium-sized companies and raising their value before selling them with remarkable returns – such as during 1990’s when he achieved legendary feats in acquisitions and financing, allowing several of these firms to increase by up to 30x over a few years!

Stocks and acquisitions

Since its foundation in 1974, Lee Equity has been spearheading the private equity industry under the founder and chairman’s leadership. Thomas H. Lee Partners’ former Chairman and CEO is renowned as a leader of early investments that have yielded outstanding outcomes for both himself and his buyers alike.

Snapple drinks deal

Thomas Lee achieved worldwide fame after he sold Snapple for an incredible $1.7 billion in 1992. He had only initially purchased the company’s assets for a measly $135 million, and invested another additional sum of $28 million to improve its current state before it was resold at a staggering amount, thanks to his astute capability to snowball their yearly revenues from mere millions ($95) up to hundreds of millions ($750).

An investment of more than 15 billion dollars

Spanning an illustrious career of 46 years, Lee has invested a staggering $15 billion into hundreds of transactions. To name just a few, these include the acquisition and subsequent sale of major brands such as Snapple Beverages and Warner Music – both undertaken to successful outcomes.

In 2006, Lee stepped down as chairman of Thomas H. Lee Partners and soon after founded his own company -Lee Equity Partners- which primarily concentrates on capital development transactions, in contrast to its predecessor which focused more so on acquisitions.

Technology and financial services

Just last week, it was confirmed that John Haley – former CEO of Willis Towers Watson and a long-time associate to the late Lee – had been appointed as an executive partner in the financial technology & services investment group at Lee Equity. This is incredibly fitting considering his relationship with President of Lee Equity before their passing.

His personal life

In 1968, Lee married Barbara Fish Lee and the two had two children – Zack and Ruby. Unfortunately, they divorced in 1995.

The billionaire tied the knot with his second wife, Ann Tenenbaum from Savannah in 1997 and together they have three blessed children – Jesse, Nathan, and Rosalie. Their family was made complete when two grandkids joined them!

The affluent business tycoon, who was an intimate friend of the Clintons, allowed them to stay in his East Hampton home after Hillary’s unsuccessful presidential run in 2008. Bill and Hillary were said to have been grateful guests at Lee’s place for quite some time during that period.

Lee is highly respected for his philanthropic work and has given back to numerous charitable organizations by volunteering on the boards of renowned institutions such as Lincoln Center, Museum of Modern Art, Brandeis University, Harvard University, and lastly the Museum of Jewish Heritage.

Michael Setrick, the Lee family’s spokesperson, issued a statement on Thursday conveying their deep sorrow and mourning of Tom. The world may have recognized him as an accomplished businessman and private equity entrepreneur; to his loved ones, he was more than that – a doting husband, father figure, grandfather, brotherly companion and philanthropist who always put others before himself. In this difficult time we request privacy for the grieving family so they can commemorate their loss in peace.

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