Mississippi is known as The Magnolia State. It’s one of the Southern states and part of the region referred to as the Deep South. It was also one of the states that seceded from the Union before the Civil War.

Today, Mississippi is a popular tourist destination known for its southern food and hospitality. Many famous Americans came from Mississippi, including Oprah Winfrey, Jim Henson, and Elvis Presley. Mississippi is also known as the birthplace of popular American music. In addition to Elvis, famous musicians from The Magnolia State include Jimmy Buffett and the Blues music legend B.B. King. Make the most of your trip to Mississippi by ensuring you have all the essentials Blake Shelton recommends while touring the state.

A Great Camera

A great camera is essential for anyone traveling to the Mississippi Delta region for the first time. Today, sophisticated cameras offer the option of capturing still images or video footage. When you invest in a great camera, you’re able to document your travels in your unique fashion. Perhaps you want to take a selfie at every tourist destination you visit, or you want to convert your pictures into sketches. Having images you take ensures you get the exact shot you desire.

Recording video footage is a great way to capture information about a place you’re visiting or share local music with friends and family when you return home. Although it’s possible to take photos and videos with your smartphone, you may run out of space on your phone’s camera. Using a separate camera ensures you have extra memory available. You can also buy zoom lenses and other attachments for your camera.

Appropriate Clothing

Mississippi is a coastal state. Consequently, it’s relatively humid year-round. It gets cold at nighttime in November, December, January, and February, while average daytime highs reach the 90s in the summer. Mississippi is also affected by hurricane season from June 1 until November 30, and tornadoes are common events in this area of the United States.

Take the time to find men’s outdoor clothing before you head to Mississippi. Fleece pullovers are a great option because they’ll keep you warm during cool evenings. Leather jackets also offer warmth. Leather jackets are windproof, which can come in handy if you’re walking on the beach at night or enjoying a Mississippi River cruise. Stock up on shorts and t-shirts to ensure you have comfortable clothes for hot summer days. You’ll also want suitable footwear. Western boots protect your feet, ankles, and calves from the elements and provide maximum support. You can also buy classic boots to keep your feet warm and dry when you’re visiting historical sites throughout the state.

When you’re shopping for clothes, you can also invest in a backpack, camera bag, wallet, toiletry kit, and travel bags. Leather wallets are ideal for storing personal information, identification cards, and credit cards. You can use your backpack for day trips, and a toiletry kit comes in handy when you’re staying at hotels or using campground facilities.

A Travel Plan

Heading to Mississippi for the music? Start at the Gateway to the Blues. Tunica’s a launch point for Blues music tours throughout the state. Any music lover should visit the Delta Blues Museum in Clarksdale and travel U.S. Highway 61, known as the Blues Highway. The Blues Highway follows the Mississippi River, enabling you to enjoy a river cruise while you’re traveling the iconic highway. Musicians such as Bob Dylan have recorded songs about the highway, while famous American musicians such as Tina Turner and Chuck Berry launched their careers near the famed route. Make sure you take a moment to stop at the crossroads of Highway 61 and Highway 49, the site where legend has it that Robert Johnson made a deal with the devil and sold his soul in exchange for mastering the blues.

Portable Conveniences

You may not always have easy access to the conveniences you need when you’re traveling, which is why it’s a great idea to bring a portable ice maker with you in your RV or other vehicle when you visit a hot state like Mississippi. Portable ice makers create ice cubes within minutes. You can use a portable ice maker to produce small or medium ice cubes any time of the day or night. Ice makers have warning lights, ensuring you know when the water reserve’s full or when it needs to be filled. You’ll need a grounded 110-120 volt, 60Hz electrical outlet to provide power for your portable ice maker. Ice makers come with a scoop, ensuring you’re able to access enough ice whenever you need it.

A portable cooler is another convenient travel option. Use a portable cooler to pack drinks and snacks when you’re sightseeing. You can use your portable ice maker to pack your beverages with ice before you head out for the day and save money because you’ll have the option of buying food and beverages from grocery stores instead of purchasing drinks from convenience stores and tourist shops.


In addition to recommending practical conveniences and a travel plan, Blake Shelton suggests ensuring you have a plentiful music supply before heading to Mississippi. Make sure you make a list of popular Mississippi radio stations so you can listen to local radio shows while you’re touring the state. You may also want to make a playlist featuring famous Mississippi musicians, such as Elvis Presley, B.B. King, and Muddy Waters.

Mississippi may be known for the Blues, but there are also many country artists from the state. Supplement your playlist with Mississippi country artists such as Tammy Wynette, Faith Hill, Charlie Pride, and Conway Twitty.

Before you head to Mississippi, be sure to stock up on the essentials Blake Shelton would recommend. Invest in a new camera and clothes suitable for the climate. Create a travel plan. Pack portable conveniences to help you reduce costs on your trip, and make sure you have plenty of music to enjoy while you’re traveling throughout the state.


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