The world of business is a fascinating and alluring one. There are certainly big wins to be had, but it is as unpredictable as every other sphere of life, and it can hit you in the face when you least expect it. Consumer confidence has been known to shake, and sales are known to collapse due to various reasons besides that.

However, just like every other sphere of life, there are steps that can be taken to ensure that when the going gets tough, your business keeps going strong or at the very least, stable. So here are all the tips that can help you maintain the integrity of your business during those tough times.

1. Manage your inventory

Inventory management can make or break the business. An efficient inventory is a key element to maintaining a healthy business. So, frequently reviewing your inventory management, especially during the time of a crisis or an impending crisis is a wise move. Check for solutions like can an item in your inventory be found from a different source at a better price? Are you ordering too much of one particular item? These solutions can be made without hurting the quality of goods or inconveniencing customers and will help your business during a crisis by minimizing costs.

2. Do what you do best

Diversification is one-worded advice that is given to all businesses, but it is not always the best advice, and it is not always applied very well. Randomly adding products or services will not help your business, but in fact, might actually end up hurting it in the form of time and money wasted.

Focusing on the core products and services of your businesses and ensuring that they are operating at the best of their potential will be a much better step to sustain your business in a difficult time than adding services and products just for the sake of diversifying or expanding.

3. Reduce transaction risk

If your company deals internationally than transaction risk can be a very real issue that you need to pay close attention to. Simply put transaction risk is the risk because of the changing exchange rates. If you form an agreement with a foreign party regarding payment on a particular date, but the payment is not sent or received on the same day, then the exchange rates could change which could affect your transaction. In the long term, it may not be as much of an issue, but in the short term it can have devastating effects, and if you have a small business with not much of a sustenance plan then short term damage may be enough to destabilize it.

4. Ensuring cash flow

It is important to ensure that the cash keeps flowing from other sources during times of crisis when the business might not be producing the usual profit. This cash flow will be the most important thing to ensure that even if your business can not thrive, it at least survives the difficult time. Ensure this cash flow in advance by being aware of the requirements for a loan, or by opening a line of credit in advance. You can also tap into your savings if you are running a small business. Ensuring cash flow during the tough times is absolutely essential, and there is no way around it.

5. Keep up with the competition

Expanding your customer base is more important than ever during those difficult times in your businesses’ life. To ensure your client base expands, you have to ensure that you outperform all of your competition and draw customers away from them. To do this, you will have to study your competition and figure out how to turn their customers into yours. Incorporating these findings into your sales rep training is also a very useful and practical idea as the sales rep are at the frontlines of your business and deal with all the potential customers.

6. Do not diminish marketing

During a time of crisis, most businesses will cut out marketing plans completely due to the costs. Placing marketing at a lower position in the importance hierarchy during times of crisis is a poor move as it will completely go against the above-mentioned point, which states that you need to expand your client base. Drawing in clients and trying to increase sales is very important during times of crisis and marketing is key to that endeavour.

In conclusion, there are many risks and ups and downs involved in the world of business, just like any other sphere of life, and just like any other sphere of life, they can be avoided or at least survived by timely planning and having a knowledge of the right steps to take. Adopting and adapting to the new and changing environment will always result in success.


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