In every home or institution, dirt or an inevitably spilled drink stains the carpet at one time or the other. Perhaps you have tried to clean off a stain from your carpet, and the next moment, the stain reappears. That shows that you either did not clean it properly, or you made a big carpet cleaning mistake. But you shouldn’t feel bad about this. Many people make such errors because they do not know the methods to use to clean their carpets properly.

To avoid damaging your carpet or shortening its lifespan, we have identified seven major mistakes that people usually make while cleaning carpets. You wouldn’t like for your carpet to keep retaining stains to the point that it starts smelling. So read on to know about these mistakes and how to avoid them. You’ll also learn how to maintain your carpets. Then, you’ll be confident that you have done a perfect cleaning job. And you will enjoy your rugs for as long as possible. Hence, the mistakes you should avoid making are:

Scrubbing the carpet spots vigorously

When you try to remove the stain with too much force and scrub vigorously, you’re likely to damage the fibers of the carpet. Apart from being an ineffective method to get out stains, doing so may cause the stains to go even deeper into your carpet. By scrubbing very hard, the carpet fibers will start to untwist, and it causes them to fray. Instead, try using a blotting solution to remove the stains; this is a much safer option.

Being slow to act on a stain

The longer a stain stays on the carpet, the harder it gets for you to remove. You shouldn’t have to wait for a spill to get dry before making a move. Else, the liquid will soak into the fibers of the carpet and get absorbed into its padding. This may result in wicking when you’re ready to clean the spot, and it leads to carpet odor. Sometimes, it may also cause mold growth. Therefore, clean the carpet as soon as there’s a stain or spill on it.

Using inappropriate cleaning products

When you use the wrong solution or product to clean your carpet, it can make it spoil permanently or discolor it. Ensure that you do extensive research about the cleaning solution you want to buy to remove carpet stains. Your research should include following the guidelines given by the manufacturer and going through the label of the product. It is not every stain removal that will work for carpets, so choose carefully.

Misusing a de-odorizing powder

Although a de-odorizing powder can make your carpets smell nice, it cannot serve as a substitute for cleaning it. Some of these de-odorizing powders cause a buildup of gunk over time. This happens especially where your vacuum is not capable of removing the powder thoroughly.

Using excess chemical in cleaning

There is a common saying that “more is better.” However, this may not be the case when it comes to using chemicals to clean your carpet. In fact, “more” may be dangerous for your carpet. So, over saturating the carpet with solutions might damage it. Also, too many chemicals lead to a buildup of residue, which in turn attracts dirt.

Not testing new cleaning products

If you want to use a cleaning solution that you haven’t tried before, you should try testing it first to know its chemical reaction to the carpet. According to the strength of the solution, first, check it on a hidden part of the rug to see if the color of that area would bleach. You’ll also discover if the new product will affect the carpet fibers severely.

Not professionally cleaning your carpet on occasions

Just like you visit the hospital to get professional medical checkups, your carpet also deserves professional treatment, at least twice a year, for it to last long. Carpet cleaning by experts is a necessary way to maintain its warranty. Apart from prolonging the usability of your carpet, you’ll also enjoy a cleaner environment.

According to Carpet Cleaning Brisbane, it is recommended that you employ a reliable cleaning company to do the job so that you’ll get value for your money. And if you’d instead rent cleaning equipment for your carpet, make sure you do not rent faulty ones. This is because a defective machine will do more damage than good to your carpets.

In conclusion

Carpets are great investments in any home or establishment. Perhaps you made considerable efforts in selecting the pattern, color, and material of your carpet. To keep the rug durable and in good condition, you should take note of the essential tips given above. Finally, always remember to consult the manufacturer of your rug for the right cleaning techniques, and check the warranty information about your carpet.


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