Male hair loss is also referred as androgenic alopecia and pattern baldness is caused by large levels of sensitivity to male sex hormones, which occur in specific parts of the scalp and are transmitted from generation to generation.

Hair loss in men can be a worrying experience for many men because most consider this a bad turn for the kids and consider hair loss to be unattractive.   Male hair loss can affect men up to the age of 20 and follow a specific pattern. it occurs reasons that can be reversed and irreversible.

Reverse causes of hair loss include deficiencies in certain important minerals in the body, such as iron deficiency, also known as anemia, under the influence of thyroid gland and fungal infections active in the scalp.

Hair loss also occurs by using some prescribed medications. You can also lose your hair because of the direct impact of excessive stress in the workplace or at home. 

Excess of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) 

First of all, the main cause of bald male pattern is excess dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in parts of the scalp. Although it is an important sex hormone, however, the excess in fat in the scalp weakens hair follicles, leading to hair loss.

However, this increase in DHT levels in the scalp can be reduced by new drugs, such as anti-hair loss tablets, which are licensed oral medicine for male pattern baldness.  

Hormone sensitivity  

Hormone sensitivity is the most common cause of hair loss.

The sensitivity of the hair follicles in the androgen hormones, the masculine hormones in the crown, the front and the upper part of the scalp, in the hair follicles shrink, and then become very small and do not proliferate in hair fall.  

This prevents hair follicles from performing their functions because they respond to these hormones. This sensitivity to the hormones is slim in the back of the head and sides. Paradoxically, these male hormones are responsible for the growth of hair in other parts of the body, but they prevent the growth of hair on those parts of the scalp because the hair programmers have been programmed to respond to hormonal reproduction in this region.

This condition is considered hereditary and can be transmitted either by the mother or by the father. 

Trauma and Diet 

A bad diet, full of stress or painful experiences in a person’s life, is known as a catalyst for hair loss in men. Although it is not the main cause, logic says that hair follicles need nourishing substances to help reproduce hair. If you do not get into your diet, you will definitely stop growing hair.

Foods rich in zinc and iron may be good for hair follicles and reduce their sensitivity. Well tested studies have shown an improvement in hair after a shock or shock experience. In the struggle against male baldness, supportive factors such as diet and stress must be addressed. 

Fungal infections 

Fungal infections, such as tinea capitis in which the generation of white blood cells damages hair follicles, are known to cause hair loss. It is also not the main cause of hair loss in men, but it is very similar to a bad diet, where the trauma is exposed to a stimulant. These results are mainly in a scaly patch around the head.

An antifungal shampoo or an antifungal drug is known to treat this condition.    

The Best Male Hair Loss Prevention Techniques

Take quick action

The best way to avoid baldness is to take immediate action. When you notice your hair loss, consult your doctor and follow the necessary steps, many of you bald because you do not take action early.

Do not wait until the last minute, where you can not do more. 

Eat proper food

Food has a very important role to play here. Foods rich in vitamins, iron, and calcium should be consumed in large quantities.

They include eggs, milk, oils, meat, spinach, nuts, etc. It is very important to develop healthy hair.  Use scalp massage oils: Try massage the herbal oils in the scalp, as it stimulates blood flow in the hair follicles.

You can also try massage using castor oil and lemon juice with coconut oil massage and lemon paste with a message of black pepper seeds on the scalp.

To get the results you need, do these messages every week, at least twice. These oils increase blood flow in the scalp and strengthen the hair follicles needed for hair growth.

Male Hair Loss Treatments   

Hair Transplant 

It is a procedure by which hair is collected on the scalp or side and implanted in bald areas. This is one of the most effective methods of hair treatments for men, and the procedures have improved over the years. 

Hair transplantation is based on the removal of fine hair follicles from areas where hair growth remains and places in baldness. This can cause minor scars in the donor areas and carries a small risk of dermatitis. 

Expand tissue 

It is a procedure in which small balloons are inserted under the scalp from the hair, time develops and is gradually discharged. In general, the area of hair increases by at least one-third, then removed by surgery, then the adjacent sides of the hair are attracted to the top of the hair.   

Bald appearance        

Shaving your hair and leaving baldness can be a good idea.

Currently, the head is considered a clean classic and trendy. If the appearance of baldness does not suit you, consulting a doctor about treatment options will not be a bad idea, but it is important that the patient is prepared for the long and expensive medical treatments needed to restore hair.     

Hair Loss Treatment Products 

There are over-the-counter products that can also help you to restore your hair. Legal products in the market are very few and it is important to be very careful.

The right product to treat hair loss needs at least one year to see the results and therefore needs a lot of patience. Always check the ingredients of the product and find out if they are resistant to hormonal sensitivity and are medically approved.

Before using the product, consult a specialist to avoid serious consequences. 

Drug Treatments 

There are two types of drugs used to treat baldness in males.

Minoxidil (Rogaine)

A non-prescription hair pill used directly in the affected area. Promotes hair growth with varying degrees of success.

But, does Rogaine work? It should be used continuously, otherwise, the effect will go down. The solution applies directly to the scalp to activate hair follicles. In many men, hair loss slows down, and some men grow out of new hair.

The previous level of hair loss comes back when you stop applying the solution.


A prescription pill that inhibits the production of male dihydrotestosterone. Such as minoxidil, hair loss is likely to be slower than the actual growth of new hair. In general, it is slightly more effective than minoxidil.

The previous degree of hair loss comes back after the medication is stopped.


Develop healthy eating habits and exercise regularly. meditation and yoga can help reduce stress and stay calm. If you control stress, you can automatically reduce other problems.

Laser therapy and massage can help restore hair growth. It can positively stimulate the scalp and cause positive changes. Non-surgical hair grafting provides many hair restoration centers.

Treat your hair problems before it kills your confidence and causes humiliation.


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