You can purchase an iPhone with or without a contract. The iPhone with a contract is locked to a particular mobile network. The iPhone without a contract are free to be used by any mobile network the user wants. Mobile network stands for carrier. So, when you buy an iPhone with a contract to AT&T US, it states that the phone is locked to AT&T United States. It will deny access to other networks. Carrier checker is the process which allows you to check what the mobile network of your iPhone is!

iPhone Blacklist Unlock

Often an iPhone is reported as stolen, lost or with unpaid contract bills, then it is considered blacklisted. When the iPhone gets blacklisted, you cannot use any network in the nation where it has been blacklisted. For instance, an iPhone blacklisted in AT&T US carrier will not work in United States on any available carrier. It will also not work in Mexico and Canada as they share similar blacklist.

It is just original iPhone owner who can report its lost or stolen report and only the carrier which the iPhone has been locked with can report it with the unclear bills.

iPhone Cloud Unlock

With the launch of iOS 7, Apple executed another safety spec which held people back from burglary of the iPhones and also secured the users from leaking their private details in case they lose their smartphone.

An iCloud locked phone necessitates the use of Apple ID and password of the owner. If you opt for iPhone iCloud Unlock, then you have to remove the iCloud Activation iPhone screen so that the new owner can activate his/ her new iCloud account.

Requisitions of a Carrier, iCloud and Blacklist Unlock

The iPhone Carrier Unlock requires the following details:

  1. The blacklist status of your iPhone
  2. Network which has locked your iPhone
  3. The model of your iPhone
  4. The IMEI number of your phone (Dial *#06# and you will see the IMEI number on your screen instantly)

The iPhone Blacklist Unlock requires the below mentioned details:

  1. Network that has blacklisted the iPhone
  2. The iPhone IMEI number

The iPhone Cloud Unlock requires the following info:

  1. The IMEI number
  2. iCloud Status
  3. iCloud Activation Screen screenshot
  4. iPhone origin

The iCloud lock is removed by the original iPhone owner. There is no service that can remove the iCloud unlock. The only legit way to remove the iPhone iCloud lock is to speak to the original owner and bargain to remove the Activation screen. You can get the contact details at the Information Service center.

The iPhone blacklist unlock is supported by few mobile networks. You can find out whether your iPhone network is supported or not in the unblacklist service.

The iPhone carrier checker unlock service makes your iPhone completely unlocked forever, irrespective of what your network is, the quantity of iTunes apps you will download or upgrades you’ll do. It is officially approved by Apple.

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