Chevrolet MyLink Infotainment System: Top Features and How-To

The Chevrolet MyLink infotainment system has become one of the most popular and advanced in-vehicle information and entertainment platforms since its introduction just over a decade ago. As connectivity and technology have rapidly advanced, so too has MyLink, with Chevrolet continuously upgrading the system to deliver new functionality and a seamless user experience. In the hands of drivers today, MyLink stands out as an intuitive system that seamlessly integrates with smartphones to enable safe calling, navigation, streaming media, and more.

First launched in 2012 models, the MyLink system replaced previous infotainment interfaces with a high-resolution touchscreen, simplified controls, and enhanced voice recognition. Throughout its evolution, Chevrolet has focused on making MyLink easy to use while driving and adaptable to the latest technological capabilities. Major upgrades over the years have added smartphone integration, built-in apps, navigation, and an expanded voice command system. With its customizable home screen icons and menus, MyLink allows drivers to personalize the system to display their preferred information and options. See this system in action at one of the many chevrolet dealerships in utah.

Touchscreen Interface

MyLink features a highly responsive and intuitive touchscreen interface. The home screen displays basic information like the time/date, phone connectivity status, and app icons. Swiping left or right allows you to access different menus and features. The screen can also be configured to show a custom photo.

Phone Integration

MyLink supports Bluetooth phone integration. After pairing your smartphone, the system will automatically connect each time you enter the vehicle. The touchscreen displays your contacts and recent calls, and you can easily make calls using voice commands or by selecting contacts on the screen. MyLink also streams audio from your phone.


Most MyLink systems come equipped with built-in turn-by-turn navigation. Enter your destination using voice commands, typing on the screen, or selecting from points of interest. MyLink navigation provides route guidance, live traffic updates, and estimated time of arrival. Waypoints can be added along your route.

Music and Audio

MyLink allows you to stream music and podcasts from Bluetooth devices or by using apps like Pandora and Stitcher. You can browse media on your phone through the touchscreen. MyLink is compatible with audio apps like Spotify and Audible. The system features AM/FM radio, HD Radio on some models, and DAB where available.

Vehicle Info and Apps

View useful vehicle information on the MyLink screen like fuel range, oil life, tire pressure, and more. The system can remind you when services are due. Download available apps to add new functionality. Popular apps include news, weather, parking finders, gas prices, and charging station locators for electric vehicles.

Voice Recognition

MyLink’s voice recognition makes it easy and safe to interact with the system while driving. Use natural speech to place calls, enter addresses, play music, get directions, check the weather, and more. Voice commands work well for the most common tasks, though advanced requests may require using the touchscreen.


Customize your MyLink system by arranging icons on the home screen, selecting your color theme, and configuring settings. Set favorite radio stations, adjust screen brightness, and more. MyLink remembers settings for multiple drivers.

With continuous improvements, the Chevrolet MyLink system provides drivers with an advanced, user-friendly infotainment interface. MyLink’s smartphone integration, responsive touchscreen, and voice controls enable drivers to safely access navigation, entertainment, calling, and vehicle information. As in-vehicle technology progresses, Chevrolet’s upgrades ensure MyLink remains one of the top systems that drivers enjoy and rely on for a connected, convenient experience.


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