Chevrolet Sonic vs. Chevrolet Spark: Compact Car Comparison

The compact car holds a place of honor, not just on America’s roadways, but also in its parking lots. Because it’s not as large, it can fit in smaller spaces. That’s ideal for some car owners, particularly ones who like the versatility these diminutive models provide.

Chevy currently makes several excellent compact car models, including the Spark and the Sonic. If you visit a few Utah Chevrolet dealers and mention you want a compact model, these are two that the salespeople are almost certain to bring up.

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Which one is better for you, though? We’ll talk about each one in detail in the following article.

The Sonic

The 2023 version of the Chevy Sonic goes for anywhere from $16,295 to $20,895, depending on the trim package. That’s pretty reasonable in today’s market. It’s a five-seater sedan.

If you look at the five-year depreciation value of the Sonic, you will see that it loses 46.8% of its value. The iSeeCars reliability rating is 7.5 out of a possible 10. The Sonic has 138 horsepower, which is fairly respectable for a vehicle of this size.

The Spark

The 2023 Chevy Spark starts at $13,600. That price point should get the attention of any thrifty shoppers in the market for a smaller car. The Spark loses 38% of its value over five years of ownership, on average.

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If you look at the iSeeCars reliability rating for the Spark, you’ll see that it gets a 7.1 out of a possible 10. The Spark gets 98 horsepower. That’s not bad, but it’s nowhere near what you can get for certain other models in this niche.

Which is Better for You?

When trying to figure out whether to go with the Sonic or the Spark, you will need to figure out what you’re prioritizing in a vehicle at the moment. If you’re making the decision based purely on price, then the Spark will almost always be the cheaper option, whether you’re buying one brand-new or gently used. The Spark will usually be several thousand dollars cheaper, depending on the trim package.

The Sonic also loses its value at a faster rate than the Spark. However, there are certain areas where the Sonic seems like the superior choice. You get more horsepower with the Sonic over the Spark. The 98 horsepower the Spark delivers is probably not going to impress most drivers, while the 138 horsepower makes the Sonic considerably more powerful.

The Sonic also has more interior volume. Both are considered to be subcompact vehicles, but you will get more cargo space with the Sonic. That will likely come in handy if you’re going grocery shopping or picking up other supplies. You will also get more front shoulder room with the Sonic, as well as more rear headroom and legroom.

Think about each of these factors and weigh them carefully before you move forward with the purchase of either of these cars. Hopefully, the correct choice should become readily apparent.

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