Many small businesses have innovative ideas and products, along with excellent customer service. However, powerful marketing techniques are what gives your businesses the exposure needed for it to grow. In the absence of a reliable web host, your good ideas presented on your website will never see the light of day.

Considering that the worldwide retail sales will reach more than $28 trillion by 2018, it is important to organize a strong web strategy. In this article, we highlight 5 of the most important features you need to keep an eye out for when choosing a best web host:

Choosing Web HostBackup

Any web host which excels requires a good backup system. That is because if your website does get attacked, there is the need for your content to be backed up. In other words, you need to ensure that any sensitive information or content data is kept safe and will be made accessible once the security issue has been resolved.

Good Security

Linking to the first point made earlier, security is imperative when searching for a web host. Unfortunately, cyber-attacks are not a thing of the past, as there are still multiple malware threats which can bring grave consequences for business owners. Bearing this in mind, security should be a top priority, especially considering that you could be putting your customer’s private information at risk.

As a general rule of thumb, aim for web hosts which use encryption technology between the user and the server. This aims to ensure that any communication is protected from hackers looking to gain access to certain data.


Try to find a web host that offers analytics as well. Having the details and statistics of your website at hand can go a long way in helping you plan out your marketing strategy. It’s even better if your web host can offer accurate analytics that are updated live.

Customer support

Because the Internet does not take time to rest, neither should the customer support you get from your web host. Hackers tend to attack when you least expect it, for obvious reasons. That is why having the necessary support is essential, in spite of any time of day or night you may need it. Ensure that you are able to speak to the customer service team rather than use an email address. Not only that, ensure that they speak your language, and that they are available 24/7. Check out a reliable web host like MangoMatter if you need a recommendation for one with great customer support.


The goal of any business is to create and breathe success and growth. That is where a good web host comes in: it should allow you to grow, and it will ensure that you will not have constant crashes which will negatively affect your customer’s opinions (i.e. slow website speed). Also, do not forget to evaluate any potential costs based on how your business is expected to grow within the next few years.


To sum up, creating a website and releasing it onto the Internet can be simple; however, issues occur when your chosen web host does not provide all the features needed to help maintain your vision and business needs. That is why it is important to compare any web hosting service with each of the previously mentioned five points, and this will help you make an informed decision between price and performance-based features.