A dedicated server hosting is a sort of internet hosting where client takes an entire server which is not shared host by anyone. This is more flexible as you get complete control of your server, irrespective. The client can install their custom software which is not possible in share hosting. In dedicated hosting, client has absolute control in terms of operating system, hardware to other things. However, there is one another type of dedicated hosting which is a bit complex as it involves both hybrid and virtual servers. In this era, many of the business solutions choose a hybrid (combination of physical and virtual) hosting solution. There are differences in hybrid and simple dedicated server a hybrid server can act as multiple virtual dedicated servers giving you more flexibility and performance boost.

The key features to look when choosing dedicated server –

  1. Processor – there are a lot of processors out there so it depends on your which server technology you would choose. Depending on your server architecture you can choose a server processor which best suits your need. However, server processor is bit different from the desktop ones but are made to do similar tasks. The server processors are a bit more energy efficient as they have to mostly run all the time.
  2. Bandwidth – it is one of the key things which one must be aware about you should know how much traffic your server is going to handle. If your website sees high traffic then it would be recommended that you choose a server which can handle those high traffics. If you want to run scripting language apps or webpage on your server or something distinct like multimedia or HD files then you must have a high bandwidth internet connection.
  3. Memory – memory is one of the essentials of any server the more memory your server has the better it is. It’s also called future proofing if you have more ram as it will speed up the process of your server and helps you perform task faster.
  4. Operating system – Depending on your server and your needs the operating system is chosen to serve you and your business better. There are two choices available in front of you one is the famous windows operating system which is very common with most of the user. The other one is Linux or UNIX based system which not very common but provide you greater flexibility and enhancement support. Most of the server nowadays uses Linux or UNIX instead of windows because of their security aspect.
  5. Storage – it’s all about knowing about your data requirements. You can choose different hard drive options to protect your data from corruption and hardware failures. Usually Raid is preferred because it saves all your data into a concurrent drive subsequently which will be useful if one hard drive fails. Then you will have all the data mirrored into another one. Apart from raid there are other standards like dedicated servers in Amsterdam which uses advance Raid options for data backup.
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