Computer scientists develop software that recreates new images from existing video footage

The world of video recording and editing is in a state of constant innovation and evolution. As technology continues to improve and develop, we are seeing new and improved equipment and software that make the process easier, more efficient, and more accessible.

Recently, developers have come up with a system that can transform poor-quality video into high-quality video. This is a significant step forward and promises to revolutionise the world of video content creation. Read on to learn more about this incredible breakthrough.

About the breakthrough

The development has come about as a result of work carried out by researchers at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York, who have been working collaboratively with developers from Google Research.

The new software has been named DynIBar, and it can perform functions never before seen in the world of video recording and editing. It can take poor-quality video, such as shaky or unstable footage, and generate clearer, more stable footage.

In addition, DynIBar can be used to change the point of view of the footage, perform zooms and dolly zooms, freeze frame and slow the footage down significantly without degrading the quality.

It works by analysing pixels in source footage and then using this information to create new images based on the source material. It has proved to be a major step forward, as previous attempts to develop similar software saw poor-quality rendering, or platforms that could handle a few seconds of footage.

DynIBar is powered by an advanced algorithm that can analyse pixel information at speed and with incredible accuracy. The software hasn’t yet been officially released or integrated with an existing editing platform, but the code is open source, allowing others to collaborate and help improve the tool.

How will it change the market?

Producing videos can be an expensive process. While making social media videos can be done cheaply, redoing parts or even entire videos can be done quickly and with minimal effort.

However, when we’re talking about big-budget films and TV shows, poor-quality video can be a serious problem. These are huge projects that run to tight schedules and juggle enormous budgets, any sort of technical fault can derail everything and cost a huge amount of both time and resources.

DynIBar hopes to address this issue directly. For example, if after a day’s shoot, the director and editor discover that the footage is shaky and unusable, this would usually mean redoing a day of shooting, which would disrupt the schedule and could push the project over budget.

With DynIBar, unusable footage will be salvageable. The algorithm can work its magic and turn footage destined for the recycle bin into viable, usable material. This would represent a revolution and will be a welcome change to the high-pressure environment of entertainment production. 

Even stock footage can be improved with the use of DynIBar. This will be of particular importance to documentary makers who often heavily rely on the use of stock footage. With this new software platform, previously unusable stock footage can now be fixed and made ready for inclusion in final projects.


The ability to stabilise shaky footage has been available for some time. Industry-standard editing platform Premiere Pro has a stabilization feature called the Warp Stabiliser. This can effectively remove shakes and jitters that are often present in handheld footage, making for a smoother, more professional-looking image.

The Stabilisation feature in Final Cut Pro X also does this, and there’s even an option for it in the consumer video editing platform iMovie.

However, none of these examples offer the power and extensive editing options of DynIBar.  DynIBar doesn’t just stabilise footage, but it can actually change the point of view, zoom, and slow things down. This is a remarkable suite of functions all packed into one tool, and we can certainly expect to see DynIBar widely adopted across the industry once it has been officially released.

Future of technology

The video production industry is driven by technology. As new systems and tools are developed, filmmakers, producers, and content creators have more options at their fingertips and new ways in which to create engaging video content.

DynIBar is just one example of how technology is changing the industry, but there are many more, and it’s an incredibly exciting time to be involved in video production.

Artificial intelligence (AI) technology is playing a major role, and we’re seeing it adopted across the entire industry. It can be used for everything from writing scripts and generating trailers to casting actors and running marketing campaigns.

Technology is developing faster than ever before, and we’ll see a ripple effect across global industries, video production being no exception.


The new DynIBar software is set to usher in a new dawn for video production and editing and is just one of a number of advancements changing the way in which we film and manipulate video footage.


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