Concerns After Pokémon Go Players Crossed Canada-US Border Illegally


For sure, the Pokémon Go has continued to grow in its popularity among the youth. At the moment, there have been incidences reported concerning its impact on some teenagers who found themselves wandering around the US border. This incident surely lifted a lot of eyebrows, as people questioned the influence the game have on people to an extent they cannot realize what is going around their vicinity.

Canadian Teens in US Border

A couple of Canadian teenagers, not cautious of their surrounding while busy playing the Pokémon Go game, crossed the Canada-US border in the remote area of Montana. They happened to be walking towards the Southbound Montana while their attention was solely on the phone while hunting for the cartoon characters. However, the patrol team of the US government found them. They got detained close to Sweet Grass, Montana, a town bordering Coutts in Alberta Province of Canada. The siblings were later reunited with their parent at the border patrol station. The youth got so engulfed in the game, that they even lost focus of their location. Reports say that the young teens were not aware if they had made an illegal cross on the international border.

For certain, the game has proved successful since its launch in the US. With the help of mobile devices, Pokémon Go lovers have the opportunity to look for virtual characters, which pop up at restaurants, museums, office space and many other places. Players tend to make scores in different ways such as getting hold of the character with a simple flick on the screen of your smart phone.

This game is also to be blamed for some vehicle accidents and some mishaps emanating from players who are distracted. Many armed robbers have taken advantage of it to lure players to risky locations.

Glozine latest news highlighted that with the use of the GPS technology, players train, battle and even capture Pokémon characters. The gadgets they use make the game feel more of reality, thus creating an appeal. For certain, the situation is difficult to understand and captured the attention of many.

The Canadian teen’s occurrence happened to be the initial illegal border crossing that has been linked to the Pokémon Go game. However, authorities are now informed and alarmed that most players are now growing oblivious of their immediate environment and are not even aware of their safety or if probably they may be involved in an illegal activity.

Being one of the trending mobile phone games sought after, the Pokemon Go game has experienced several shortcomings in the global scene. The fact that one has to take on a Pokemon Go journey has resulted in many accidents in reality. Some of these tragedies have gone as far as being captured on videos and widely circulating online. The game, which in most circumstances leaves users pre-occupied has rendered many susceptible to misfortunes. This has resulted in an uproar, which has left the integrity of the game in jeopardy, as lives have been lost.

There has been rampant robbery, courtesy of the game whereby armed robbers, for instance, has taken advantage by luring unknown users into traps. Various cases of murder have also been reported especially of users caught in the wrong places at the wrong times. Some Pokemon Go users have been seen trespassing private property only to get themselves and their precious lives in danger. Others have also seen themselves so distracted to a point whereby they have been hit by vehicles or even trains. Many incidents directly related to this game have erupted invoking public warnings.

A Pokémon Go player, for instance, crashed into an already packed police vehicle while busy gaming behind the wheel in Ohio. In the meantime, the New Jersey police issued a warning for the players who failed to pay adequate attention to their immediate environment as playing the game unconsciously could cost them their precious lives.

London city also issued a similar warning on an issue of similar weight on July 21. It was alert to the unconscious players since they risk being the main targets of robbers and run a high chance of walking into dangerous places and exposing themselves in fatal situations such as wandering into a busy highway or railway track.


The Pokemon Go game has caught the world by surprise with the huge user base globally. Pokemon Go users have often been condemned for infringements regarding privacy and rights to property. The gaming app uses GPS co-ordinates, which has played a key role in instigating criminal activities. Most of these crimes have been committed by Pokémon Go lovers unknowingly just because of the craze of the game. This has made it somehow challenging even for legal action to be taken against such individuals.

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