It is a challenge to have an effective promotion when running a small business. Read our post to explore cost effective tips to advertise your small business.

Business promotion is the main factor for people to get to know your products and services. But, it is not easy for a small business to effectively advertise with shoestring money. In this post, we list down eight methods to give you cost effective tips to advertise your small business. Jump to it now!

Cost Effective Tips To Advertise Your Small Business

A cost-effective advertising strategy is not only about your expense, but it is also a massive investment. You might need to spend half a day doing a consistent business promotion plan to meet the target. Here is the list of seven inexpensive tips to advertise your limited-budget entrepreneurs.

Use Press Release to Promote Your Business

Interested in an accessible way to show off your brand? But you want it to be zero-cost by publishing via media outlets (newspapers, blogs, and other free). And you want to prove your words to show off your work?

A press release will help:

  • Save a considerable amount of cost because it’s inexpensive.
  • Enhance credibility
  • Maximize your reach in traditional and new media

If you constantly write your work and submit it at the right time, it will help you spread your brand name among the audience. PRLog and 24/7 are the two famous press release distributions to promote your business that should be on your list.

Use Press Release to Promote Your Business

Press Release

Consider giving out newsworthy community-oriented questions like: Has your business extended lately? Do you have any new products and services launching? Have your products won a prize recently? Do you take part in any sponsoring charity events to promote your business?. Add charts, graphics or other visual elements into your work could even enhance your pitch to a whole new level.

Use Social Media to Promote Your Business

Promoting your business through social media platforms is a great way to save your budget for advertisements. Social media is a free-to-cheap way for both brand awareness and business promotion. It offers various channels you can use depending on your customers, types of products and services. If your customers are 18 to 34 years old, Instagram is the best place to upload and show a photo gallery of your store and business.

Facebook and Twitter are two of the most extensive social networks, making use of them is also an efficient approach. And if you are looking for a place to promote your company image, consider Linkedin!

Use Cross-promotion to Promote Your Business

Cross-promotion is a marketing form in which two (or more) sides promote each other to earn profits. By utilizing cross-promotion, it is a way to cut down ad costs. You and your partner can plan and share promotion content just like movies go with popcorn. An example is you can advertise your pet care services at a pet shop by combining business models with other owners.

But keep in mind, answer these questions when you look for partners:

  • Who do you want to collaborate with?
  • What is a target you want to achieve?
  • What kinds of values can you bring to your customers?
  • What kinds of values can your partner bring to your customers?

Those questions are all important. You will get a better general and more specific picture of who and how to persuade in cross-promotion.

Use Freebies to Promote Your Business

Everyone loves free products, you can draw more  if you launch a promotion to give away a gift for the first 20 people to come to the event. The gifts should be pens, caps, T-shirts, or customized bottle water labeled with your company logo and address in there.

Use Freebies to Promote Your Business

Edited: Privated bottle label

Aside from business promotion usage, these practical and inexpensive gifts can be used as customer rewards. It is a low-cost promotion strategy, but get good thinking from your customers about your business.

Use Outsource

Outsourcing the things you do not have experience with is one of the cost-effective tips to reduce your advertising budget. Instead of hiring permanent employees and paying full-time salaries, it is cheaper to corporate and pay on a freelance basis. For example, if you are not good at writing advertising content, outsource a part-time content freelancer to do it for you.

Join Up with Local Events/Charity

You want to step into a direct advertising game? But you are not in the mood to use your pen? Your strong point is standing up and raising your voice? Try hosting a speech. Speaking at local events, volunteer organizations, is a great way to grow your network and create brand awareness.

Donating and sponsoring your goods or services to a local charity is another way to be involved in the community.

Build a Company Website

Build a Company Website

Buying a website domain can be cheap so building up your company website is a cost-effective method to gain customer attention. You can write articles and announce a journal about your entrepreneur on the web for free.

Interact with Customers Regularly

Having knowledge about customer insights up your sleeve is what you need to learn. Not only is it a radical approach, but it also saves your budget.

Items that you consider necessary may become luxury for them and vice versa.  A whirlpool bath and massage in a small spa could be a costly service, but some people love and are willing to pay. All you need to do is ask customers to provide you with feedback after getting service.


You now have an idea to apply “cost effective tips to advertise your small business,” right?  It is crucial to select a cost-effective advertising strategy when you have a limited budget.  We hope you will find out which tips suit you the most and bring them into your work.

Thank you for your reading, and see you in our next post!


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