The transition to adulthood is not an easy one for many teens and when their hormones are all over the place it is one potential reason why they want to experiment with drugs and drink.

The common assumption is that teens try drugs because they want to push the boundaries and rebel against the rules that usually have to abide by at home.

When things do go wrong and professional help is needed there is help in the form of credible rehab for teens to help them recover. Before they reach that point, here is a look at some of the main reasons why a teen might turn to drugs.

A form of self-medication

Some teens can suffer from bouts of depression as they struggle to cope with aspects of their lives and changes to their bodies that they not in control of.

It can be that a teen will turn to drugs as a form of self-medication. They can be seeking an escape from how they feel and may think that taking drugs can offer a solution.


Teens will often be naturally curious about trying new experiences and their risk profile is generally going to be higher at that sort of age.

They will often convince themselves that they can’t come to any harm if they only try a small amount of drugs. The urge to try something new is strong in teens.

Peer pressure

Teens will often feel the need to fit in and bond with those around them and they may well decide to experiment with drugs if they see others around them doing the same.

They may also be susceptible to pressure when someone or a group is applying pressure to try drugs.

A way to cope with stress

Teenage life can be stressful for a variety of reasons and if they lack the coping skills that more mature and older people take for granted because of their age, this could lead them to take drugs as a way to cope with any stress they are feeling.

Lack of confidence

Unfortunately, it doesn’t often take much to knock a teenager’s confidence if this causes them to suffer from low-self esteem it can make them more vulnerable to considering the idea of using drugs as an escape from the way they are feeling.

Making the most of now

A simple but common explanation as to why teens might experiment with drugs is the fear of missing out on an experience if they don’t try drugs now.

They might think that now is the perfect time to try drugs before adult life begins and the opportunity passes.

Family history

Despite all of the reasons already given for teens resorting to drugs, it is also worth saying that genetics can sometimes play a part in their desire to experiment.

If there is a family history of drug or alcohol abuse that can make a teen genetically predisposed to follow the same path. If that is the case, it often helps to talk openly about this to try and prevent them from suffering a similar fate.

Understanding why teens resort to drug-taking can help parents and those close to them to be proactive in spotting the potential signs of a problem.

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