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Why do you have to do it? Design companies are focused on providing the best marketing arm to any business – may it be website or app related. When we say a branding company that perfectly matches your project, it means an entity that is expert in providing the needed application or site development through UX and UI perspectives. This is the reason why there are a lot of design companies in San Francisco these days.

A web design management team will be tasked to plan out and execute the plans for the creation of a world-class website. A website functions as a business channel where you can sell your products or services smoothly, easily without the burden of market limitation as opposed to the conventional business system that only requires a physical space and building. With the digitization of almost everything nowadays, businesses can easily penetrate the target market.

What is a web designer and how does this professional help your business grow?

A web designer is the one to create the appearance, layout, and features of a particular enterprises website. The job of this designer is highly technical as it involves both graphic designs and computer programming. After the website creation, the person in-charge has further job with respect to maintenance and revision of the site features. More commonly, there is team of people who’ll work together in the development and enhancement of a specific website. The team is also tasked to make the necessary updates in terms of visible content (texts, images, and videos).

The cost to hire a website developer varies and depends on the nature of the project to be handled and done. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2015 the average wage per hour was ranging from $31.23. It can be summed up during that time to $64,970 in a year. Then, there’s a projection that the period 2014-2024, this particular job will have a dramatic growth of 27% in terms of demand.

Furthermore, the agency explained that average income for graphic and website designers was pegged at $46,900 or roughly $22.55 per hour in the same year when the statistical survey was conducted. Based on the presented figures, it can be surmised that this profession has become highly popular. That’s why every business for instance in the California must consider having one of the best agencies in San Francisco.

Duties of Web Developers and Requirements for Job Hiring

As manifested earlier, a web developer is one of the most important requisites that almost all businesses in the world today must meet first. Below are some of the duties that the web design and development team must execute well.

  • Writing and editing web content. Web content involves web pages (homepage and other inner pages). They must be written well and flawlessly. Otherwise the ranking of your website will be compromised.
  • Designing a webpage layout. A web developer must be highly technical when it comes to the algorithmic knowledge vis-à-vis programming and the like. Designing the layout of a site is not that easy. It requires genuine expertise in this field for the website to look world-class and undeniably professional.
  • Determining technical and other related requirements. It is part of the job of the web development agency to be more technical on the project requirements and to be more focused on the adherence to the project guidelines being set.
  • Updating websites is done every now and then. Website updates must be one of the core duties and responsibilities of the design agency.
  • Creating back up files. It must not be taken for granted. There’s a tendency that the website will collapse and will encounter technical problems due to uncontrolled digital restrictions. It is required to have back-up files to address unwanted circumstances.
  • Solving code problems. This is a terrific part of the job. Solving the intricate codes is difficult if you’re not a web developer. There are code-based texts and other approaches that have to be given much importance.

We’re done with the duties that must be understood deeply. Let’s proceed now to the supposed requirements if you’re going to hire a web designer and developer. Well, generally speaking, the course or degree of the members of the team to be hired or even the freelancer for small-scale start-ups should be computer-related. A software engineer or a computer programming graduate has a higher preference. The web developer must be:

  • Knowledgeable with the basic fundamentals of design imaging. It is so important as far as web designing is concerned.
  • Must know about basic web design. Having the basic knowledge serves as the foundation of anything that is more complex.
  • Animation is part of the topic to be discussed concisely and clearly with the person to be hired for the job.
  • Multimedia designing plays also a major factor. If your website project tends to be a more dynamic one, then multimedia inclusions are possible. This is to show more relevant thicker online content.
  • Know-how in content production and management is of utmost significance. According to SEO experts, content is king. So your website developer must know about this aspect.
  • Multimedia programming and technology should work hand in hand. A website must be programmed with the presence of complex informational threads. Therefore, a developer-programmer must know the significance of this aspect.

In general sense, a web developer should see to it to prioritize these things: Webpage Scripting, Databases, Digital Imaging, Simple/Complex Programming and Multimedia Design.

Top 5 Web Design Agencies Today

  • Ramotion. This web design company has taken its pride by serving the top clients such as Mozilla, Xero, and Turo. Its expertise includes but not limited to visual design and interactions, front-end development and CMS.
  • Beyond. A known web design company that works also for many clients worldwide. It brings transformation to customers. An excellent customer satisfaction is part of its resume.
  • CreativeGray. This is another web design and development company that builds its reputation based on outstanding, brilliant digital experiences. It serves from business to business for years now.
  • Clay. Another digital brand that works its best to bring exemplary UX designs for many clienteles in San Francisco. The focus of this company is to create and produce mobile applications, world-class websites for big ventures and startups.
  • Edenspiekermann. It is popular in San Francisco but it echoes also its presence in the international landscape. It has multidisciplinary designs to innovate and boost brand names covering different business industries.

Data security is one of the hottest concerns with respect to website presence in every business. According to this post on Wikipedia about website development, “web development takes into account many security considerations, such as data entry error checking through forms, filtering output, and encryption.” Therefore, this concern must have a strong safeguard. Securing the data to be inputted on the site should be one of the major tasks that the web development team must prioritize and should not take for granted.


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