Digital marketing is the new buzzword in the second decade of the third millennium. With expansive digital tools, this form of marketing is all set to take on the world by storm. The rapid advancement of technology has made it extremely essential for all businesses as well as households to sit up and take notice of the digital marketing trends in 2019 that will help you advance further in your chosen path.

This category of marketing has become even more important in recent times with the introduction of interactive technology that uses machine intelligence to help you carry out your desired tasks with ease. Businesses that ignore this major trend that is set to shape the modern world will do so only at their own peril.

This article helps you visualize the digital marketing trends and analyze them in such a way as to make the utmost advantage of them. Here we discuss the different ways in which digital marketing has played a major role in supplementing and replacing the traditional ways of marketing that used to be done earlier. In this way, you will learn the nuances of these important ways in which you can take your business forward. Sanjay Jhunjhunwala is an exemplary digital marketing blogger based in Kolkata who will delight you with his informative digital marketing blogging skills. You definitely need to check him out when needed.

Read on to find out the digital marketing trends in 2019 that will help you elevate your business to the next level with ease.

1. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence used to be the stuff that science fiction books used to be made of. But in modern times, this is becoming a reality. Artificial Intelligence or AI in short basically refers to the ability of the computer or robot to give responses that are appropriate to the customer’s queries.

This helps a lot in providing services to customers who need a prompt solution to their problems. It can also be used in electronic appliances in order to get a feel of what the user wants. This is similar to the smartphones and smart compose that we utilize daily.

AI is here to stay for a long time and hence, we should make the most of this golden opportunity so as to provide people with better products and services.

2. Programmed Advertisements

Programmed advertisements are similar to auctions in which the product is pushed only to people who are genuinely interested in buying it. Here we place the ad only to people who are searching for something related and this increases the chances of a potential sale. It also saves you a lot of time as you don’t have to promote the product to people who are not going to buy it anyway. The increased chances of success mean that you get higher revenues at lesser expenses making it lucrative for the long run.

3. Content Marketing Strategies

Content Marketing is also a new trend that has caught up in recent years. After all, content is king when it comes to providing the best deal for customers. It helps in providing good two-way communication between the clients and the vendors and this helps in getting good feedback from them so that we can improve in our endeavors.

4. Email Marketing

Newsletters in emails have been sent for a long time as marketing promotion strategies. The latest buzzword that needs to be used now is email marketing where we reach out to potential customers using their personal emails. This gives a personal touch to the service that makes it look authentic.

5. Robots That Chat With You

There has been a massive change in the way robots are being used in contemporary times. Their use was earlier restricted but now they are used in many ways including chatbots. Chatbots, as the name suggests, refers to robots that will chat with you and provide you with excellent customer services.

They are prized for their promptness, memory and diligence, something that is routinely absent in human beings like us. Their use is mainly focused on the banking and healthcare industries that help them serve their customers better. This is how chatbots can come in really handy in industries that need quick interaction with clients on a daily basis.

6. Big Data

Big Data
Business nowadays needs to make use of big data that helps in better analysis of market trends and analysis. The digital marketing field is no exception to this rule as big data helps you target your selected market after identifying it. This helps in better market segmentation as well. In this day, big data can be really useful in conducting market research as well.

7. Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing basically means using people to promote your brand across the digital marketing field. These people who use word of mouth techniques to get your message across are called as influencers. They can range from celebrities to brand ambassadors as well as ordinary people who have gained popularity over social media. In this way, your business can make use of these influencers who can help move your business forward the right way.

8. Messaging Apps

In recent times, there has been a massive spurt of social messaging apps like Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, and WeChat that helps people all over the world connect with each other. These messaging apps are so popular that businesses are bound to make use of them for expanding their market. In this sense, it is really worthwhile to say that social messaging apps are the way for business growth and development and they should not be overlooked. For further information, you can refer to for more knowledge and insight.

9. Make the best for Visual Search

Visual search is an innovative tool that helps you get more information about a product by just clicking a picture and ta-dah; you get more information on it. It could be anything like a camera, a book or even a painting. It is the same as conducting a verbal search only here there is a picture instead of words that helps you conduct the search properly.

10. Utilize Voice Search and Smart Speakers

Utilize Voice Search
Voice search is a way of conducting a search by giving a voice message. Here all you have to do is just speak into the phone and say what you want. The device will search for your query and will provide you with solutions to it without having to type anything inside. This makes the process of searching much easier.

Smart speakers are a similar device used mainly for carrying out tasks. They are mainly used in the restaurant industry for helping customers order food packets from the comfort of their homes. The use of smart speakers has truly revolutionized the way we live and most people would be at discomfort living without them in current times.

In this way, we have given you a lowdown of how the industry has evolved in contemporary times. So just follow the above-mentioned trends to make your digital marketing campaigns a success in 2019!


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