Every business is suffering due to the continued pandemic and now, more than ever, business owners are looking for ways to get an edge on their rivals. As you probably know, digital development is ongoing and this means you need to keep your ear to the ground in order to make good use of developing tech and with that in mind, here are a few IT services that could transform your business.

  • Internet telephony – VoIP platforms such as Zoom and Skype for Business offer real-time video calls at a fraction of the cost of cell phone networks; talking to someone on the other side of the world costs no more than if they were in the same building. If you would like to learn more about VoIP business communication, talk to a Las Vegas based managed IT consulting provider that has all the solutions. Those sky-high cell phone bills will no longer eat away at your funds and with state-of-the-art headsets, you and your office staff can communicate on the move. If you have a sales team spread out across the US, you can arrange online sales meetings and you won’t have to worry about call costs. Zoom, for example, has a communal whiteboard and file sharing capabilities, empowering collaboration and teamwork and you have a thumbnail video of all participants.
  • Cloud network – Medium and large companies have already migrated to the cloud, as there are many benefits to storing your business data on a secure remotely located server. You can access your data from any location and using any device, plus the provider handles cyber-security, which is essential. If you run a busy office, your staff will not need to hunt down documents, they simply bring up the file on their workstation, saving a lot of time and therefore money. Your office will be more productive as you have streamlined your business processes and you can also run your VoIP system on your network. Here is some information about the best invoicing software that is available today.
  • Cyber-security – Every business needs to have adequate online protection, with professional cyber-criminals scouring the web looking for easy pickings. Your local managed IT services provider is the company to contact regarding online security, who can carry out some penetration testing to determine your level of cyber-security. There are many ways a hacker could access your data and by arranging a short course on IT security, you can train your staff on best practices. People need to know how to spot a phishing website and by changing passwords often, you are reducing the risk of cyber-attack.
  • IT hardware support – We all know how unreliable computers can be, while printers and photocopiers usually malfunction when you really need them! All this is a thing of the past when you have IT hardware support, which keeps all your hardware running smoothly, no matter what. When the time comes to upgrade workstation PCs, your IT support partner has you covered.
  • IT Consultation – With an IT support company in your corner, you will receive the best advice regarding every aspect of IT. This will ensure that your business can grow and make the best use of the available technology. Data collection is ongoing and over time, you may need to set up a small data center, which is something your IT support partner can do for a small fee. Planning for the future means making IT choices now that will benefit you in the future and a local IT consultant is a valuable ally.

The US government offers tools to combat cyber-crime, which seems to be on the increase and that is one more reason to avail yourself of managed IT services. The smart business owner is the one that makes the best use of IT services, which boosts productivity and empowers the business in many ways.


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