For working professionals, most of the business week is spent away from home in an office, retail facility, or another establishment, meaning your pup spends a majority of his time home by himself. The most difficult part of the day for dog and pet parents is when you need to say your goodbyes in the morning.

Often puppies tend to deal with some separation anxiety, and parents feel guilty recognizing that their fur baby will be cooped up inside without socialization or an opportunity to get outside and play.

Sitting around the house becomes boring for animals, causing them to lash out behaviorally. They have no other way to dispel their energy.

Instead of keeping a pup at home where they have no interaction with humans or other dogs, one suggestion is to sign them up for doggy daycare in Coquitlam, BC; learn more here.

The option might not be suitable for all dogs depending on their particular circumstances and specific needs, but it’s certainly worth it to check it out. Let’s look at how you can determine if the option is suitable for your canine.

Doggy Daycare in Coquitlam

Is Doggy Daycare in Coquitlam, BC, Right For Your Pup

Most dogs are relatively social animals who desire to be surrounded by their family and enjoy other dogs for playtime. Mornings are many pups’ least favorite time of the day because they know everyone will head off to work and school, leaving them home alone.

It’s equally as challenging for the family because pet parents recognize the need for dogs to have exercised throughout the day and socialization without animals. A dog staying at home all day, every day, can only lead to health concerns due to lack of exercise and behavioral issues from boredom and sadness.

Those issues can easily resolve with registration to doggy daycare in Coquitlam, BC. The animal will have human interaction as well as access to other dogs for socialization and play. That way, when everyone else is leaving in the morning, he’ll have someplace productive to go as well.

It’s not something that’s necessarily the best fit for all pups. It will depend on the dog, its specific set of circumstances, and particular needs.

If pet parents put sufficient time and effort into researching an adequate provider, there will likely be a facility to suit many situations. Go here for details on a dog daycare. Check out a few things to help you decide if your dog will do well in a daycare setting.

●     Sociability

Each dog, regardless of the breed, is unique in its personality. The canine can be introverted, or he can be an extrovert. Some pets might feel a bit intimidated walking into an area where several other pups are congregating. Yet another dog might walk in and join their party, no questions asked.

Doggy daycare is an ideal setting for the puppy who enjoys the company of other canines. That doesn’t mean your dog won’t like it if they prefer human interaction over other dogs. These puppies will have an incredible time as well since there are areas in most daycares for those who want to hang out more with people.

●     Age

If you have a young pup, they will have a blast in daycare because this is the spot for burning mounds of energy, playing, and learning how to be social with their elders. Not developing these social skills early can be detrimental, causing a dog to become fearful of other pups and grow aggressive.

Some daycare facilities have specific areas for senior dogs who prefer to take time to merely chill, relax, and take things slow. These pups will play as they choose, one with another older dog or with a human companion but in their time and as they choose.

If you have a young pup

●     Assess the pup’s time alone

It’s vital to discern how long you’re leaving your furry friend home alone, whether for a majority of the day and if that’s on an everyday basis for the entire business week.

If you have a higher energy dog which will depend on the breed, he’s chomping at the bit to go outside and play ball or simply run to burn some of that off.

As a rule, many people work full-time, leaving pets in the house for over 40 hours each week; that’s a lot, a bit excessive even for a dog that’s not necessarily a high-energy breed.

Daycare gets the puppy out of the house, allowing you to break free from the guilt of knowing the animal is losing out on quality time outside, missing exercise, and gaining health issues. After one day of fun and frolicking with friends in the new setting, the canine will be ready for cuddles on the couch after work.

Daycare gets the puppy

Final thought

You’ll recognize as a pet parent, there are quite a few more concerns to consider before placing a dog in daycare and determining whether the situation is suitable for your specific canine. Indeed, you would want to contact a few facilities before committing to one and visit these with your furry friend to take note of his vibe.

If you’re unsure if the option is best for your circumstances or your dog’s specific needs, speak with the representative for the facility and let them know your concerns so they can provide the answers you need.

When you have sufficient details, it will give you peace of mind and the capacity to make a more informed decision. You might just register him after taking a tour with pup in a daycare in Coquitlam.

Then each morning, he’ll get his sack ready when you prepare for work, and off you’ll go together. No more home alone.