If you’ve seen your friends or strangers perform cool smoke tricks that you just aren’t capable of doing, there’s no need to fret. You can also learn how to do cool smoke tricks but you need to be aware of some basic guidelines first. You might be going about it the wrong way from the very start and that’s what’s keeping you from getting better. Follow these easy tips to improve your smoke control and to start your rise as a great smoke trick performer.

It starts with choosing the right room

Make sure that you choose a room with little to no air flow present. It doesn’t matter how good you are when it comes to the wind. The wind will mess up your tricks regardless of your skill so it’s important to make sure there’s none of it where you choose to practice or perform.

Keep the smoke in your mouth

This is something you need to work out really hard before you can master it, but it’ll pay off in the end. In order to do awesome tricks, you need to make sure that you are able to keep the smoke in your mouth for long period of time so work on that. As you hold it in your mouth, the smoke will naturally start to make its way towards your lungs and that is going to make the remaining bulk of it from your mouth thinner. Inhale in 3 or 4 small sequences rather than a full breath at once as this will help keep the smoke intact.

Working on your exhale

When you exhale, you have to do it slowly and not how you would usually do it. You can almost think of it as letting the smoke escape your mouth rather than forcing it out. Just the gentlest of breaths should slowly guide the smoke out of your mouth. This will help the smoke stay compact and thick rather than spreading it everywhere.

Choose the right smoking device

Your smoking device will heavily influence just how you will be able to perform tricks. Each device lets you come up with smoke packs of different quality or volume. Normal cigarettes will perform differently than glassware, which won’t have the same effects as e-cigs. You can experiment on sites like glassheadswholesale.com and get the kind of smoking device that better suits you and the kind of smoke density you are going for.

Practice with beginner tricks

Don’t try to start off with the most complicated tricks in the book. Go for the relatively easy ones that you’ve seen people do a thousand times. Only move onward once you master these, as they are pretty much the basics which you need under your belt before you can understand or execute more advanced stuff. Try tricks like the Dragon or Burst to get you started.