No doubt that a perfect resume is a chance to attract an employer. That is why, writing a resume is an important step to take with a resume helper online on Skillhub and get more interviews. But then, the job seeker should leave a good impression during a face-to-face meeting.

In this article, we will talk about dressing etiquette. Read about how colors affect the hiring manager’s opinion about you during the job interview.

What Colors to Avoid

As is known, the hiring managers use ATS bots to choose the best applicant. But when it comes to the interview, the recruiters scan the person and judge due to his/her appearance. That is why you need to know what colors not to choose for the job interview.


Many recruiters rank the orange color as the worst in the list of what not to wear to the job interview. It is often perceived as unprofessional. It is also recommended to avoid bright colors, as they may distract the recruiter from your personality.

In some cases, the orange color can have positive associations. For instance, if you have a creative job, then such colors can tell about your outstanding personality.


Brown is one more color, which is better to avoid. The matter is that it has less positive associations than black or white. Many career experts suggest not wearing brown to the interview. Brown is often associated with something boring and simple.

The employee should stand out from others in the job market. That is why you need to show that you are a flexible, outstanding, and creative person. But a brown color is not associated with these traits.


It is better to be careful with a red color. It has a lot of different interpretations, both positive and negative. Some employers can perceive it as the color of a powerful and strong person. Also, it can portray a job seeker as an enthusiastic worker.

But, at the same time, red can be perceived in a negative context. Many people feel this color as something aggressive and rebellious.


One more important thing is to consider the patterns and color combinations. When you try to be extraordinary with multi-colors and a variety of prints, it may distract the hiring manager from your key skills, qualification, and experiences. Even if you look stylish, the recruiter may perceive you as an unprofessional person.

All in all, choosing calm or classic colors is the best strategy to impress the recruiters and get a dream job.

Best Colors to Wear to Job Interview

Colors can tell more than words. So, it’s crucial to pay attention to the choice of your clothes. While your perfect bot-beating resume helps to get more interviews, the appropriate look leaves a good impression. Look through this list of best colors to wear to a job interview.  


Black is a classic color that fits any official occasion. It is often associated with leadership, professionalism, and strength. This color is appropriate for managerial positions or top jobs where you need to show your leadership skills.

It is also great to mix this color with white. With such a combination, you will be in the winning position during the interview.


White is also ranked as the best color to wear to the job interview. It cannot be associated with something negative because this pure color is, in some sense, neutral. That is why it is a perfect choice to attract the attention of the employer to your personality, skills, and accomplishments.

The career experts suggest mixing this color with minimum accessories to make some accents on your look. In any way, white will help you look professional.


It is one more neutral color that fits the best for the interview. Specialists often associate it with something rational and logical.

One more great idea is to use a combination of classic colors. You can wear black with white or white with grey. In this case, you can also use some accessories as in the previous case. Thus, an appropriate look together with great qualifications and an outstanding personality will be the reason to hire you.  


Blue is also a great choice for official meetings. The experts suppose that it is the most recommended color to wear to the job interview. Many respondents associate this color with someone who is a team player. Also, it can show that you are an honest and credible person.

One more essential thing is to choose the right shade. The experts suggest avoiding muted colors because the recruiters may perceive you as a passive individual.

Consider the Mix and Audience

The final recommendation is to consider the mix of colors and accessories. When you wear multiple clothes items, you need to choose the appropriate color combinations. For example, if you want to wear something bright, follow this pattern: several neutral items and one bright accent.

One more important thing is to pay attention to the audience. Black suits will not be a good choice for casual positions. But in the case of positions in such fields as finance, management, bank, and accounting, the job seeker should consider each detail.

Wrapping Up

Now you know what colors can be beneficial during the meeting with the potential employer. While choosing clothes and accessories, make sure that the overall combination looks perfect. No doubt, by following these simple tips, you will leave a good impression of your personality.

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