DVD to MP4 Converter

Those people with lots of DVD collections may realize that the DVDs can get scratched and eventually become unplayable on the DVD player. Do you also face the similar problem?

Well, whether you have the problem or not here we are going to give you the solution. You just need a reliable DVD converter or often called it ripping tool! 

The DVD to MP4 Converter is an innovative DVD ripping software. In fact, a powerful DVD decoder could convert DVD to MP4 videos with H.264 encoder easily and let you freely watch DVD in MP4 videos. 

Some of the Video Converters also can rip or convert DVD to MP4 or DVD to other file formats with optional burned in subtitles. 

Why DVD to MP4 Converter so Popular? 

Many people are looking for DVD to MP4 converter because the MP4 file is one of the most popular video file formats supported by many computer as well as portable devices. 

MP4 is the friendly video format that is highly compatible with popular video players like iPhone, iPad, PSP, Android phones, tablets, etc. You could play your favorite DVD movies on your smartphone or gadgets, etc.

In reality, almost all of the DVD ripper not only support the MP4 file but also other video file formats like MOV, MKV, MPEG, FLV, WAV, etc. That’s mean if you just get one DVD convert software, then you can use it to convert DVDs including to MP4 format.

The best and most professional DVD to MP4 converter, it supports ripping DVD to webm or flv or any file formats that you can think of, which later can be uploaded to YouTube or other media sharing sites.

So, whenever you get an night shift, you are able to watch DVDs on your ipad or iphone instead of the computer. When you get a large number of TV shows recorded by DVD recorder, you can convert your DVD videos to MP4 on your ipad. 

If you rely on the television for getting your Family Guy fix, you could convert Family Guy DVD videos to MP4 on your ipad and share all the love and joy. Besides, the DVD to MP4 Conversion program can also convert DVD to MP4, MP3, WAV, M4A, etc. you will get a wonderful concert on a long business trip!

Convert DVD to MP4 files on your PC/Mac, DVD to ipad, iPhone and iPod, DVD to PSP, Blackberry, AppleTV, PS3 and Xbox. A great DVD to MP4 Converter supports title selection, language and subtitle selection too. 

Recommended DVD Ripper Tools

Out of so many DVD software developers, we have reviewed and concluded that the following are some of the reliable DVD ripping programs for the purpose:

WinX DVD Ripper Platinum (PC)

This is one of the most popular and advanced DVD program that you can rely on. This fast ripping apps comes with many good features like simple interface, ability to rip copy-protection disc, allow video customizations before producing the output, a stable and clean software with good customer support and you can freely trial the software before purchase.

Wonderfox DVD Ripper Pro (PC)

Another super DVD ripping software that you can choose from. This ripper support more than 250 output file formats, fast conversion with lots of editing features, lossless 1:1 video output, bypass various copy protections on DVDs, 3-easy steps to rip the disc, etc. Often, you will see this software is having offer and all purchase also comes with 30-day money back guarantee that turn your purchase into zero-risk.

MacX DVD Ripper Pro (Mac)

Compare to the PC, there is less DVD software for Mac OS X and this is the greatest ripper for Mac that we can found. Of course you can expect great features like fast ripping speed, build-in video editing features, share to video sharing sites, rip commercial/copy-protected and free the DVD region code and more.


So, if you are looking for DVD to MP4 converter, you can just get a DVD ripper as the program can rip the DVD to MP4 formats as well as other video formats.

If you are not sure which program you should get, you can get any one of the recommended software above and you are good to go. You definitely won’t regret because those are the powerful yet reliable software with affordable price. For more information.


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