Home decorating is an art and a science. It takes years and years of failures and successes to just pull off décor that might be classic while daring. A lot of times, though, homeowners do not have to do much to brighten a room that might appear drab for any number of reasons.

Lack of colour, dated furnishings, crowded space, and a range of home design errors can really impede the beauty of a home. In fact, when looking at a home’s layout, the furnishings should complement the architecture of the home. There are ways that both the home’s architecture and your ingenuity can create and brighten a dull space.

Let’s take a look at a few great ways that you can transform a lackluster room into something with a little more style.

Maximise Lighting

One of the first things homeowners can do to spruce up their living space is to artfully use lighting to their benefit. Skylights and mirrors are perfect ways to bring light into the home. Skylights that are installed in hallways, foyers, and attics that have been converted to guest rooms can open a space. Mirrors can also reflect lighting that comes into the home through the windows. Homeowners can also exchange heavy drapes for blinds, which allow homeowners better control over how much light enters into the space.

Add Colour To Trim

Neutral-toned walls can get a bit of a lift if changing up the trim. Whether your walls are stark white or cream, add contrast to them by choosing a darker trim. This gives the whole room, and house, an interesting look while at the same a classic appearance.

Alternatively, homeowners can go for a very deep contrast and pair lighter matte colours with varying trim. Dark red or blue rooms with lighter trim colours, for instance, can provide a stark contrast in the living space, in some cases dressing it up. Paired with the right accessories, your rooms can be brought to life.

Install Shelving In Recessed Spaces

Make use of space in the rooms by re-evaluating shelving. Naturally, when purchasing bookshelves our inclination is to place them in the most appealing place in the home. Homeowners, however, might find that filling up recessed spaces with shelving is one way to make use of extra space, make a room aesthetically pleasing, and bring a little variety to the rooms in your home.

Give Wall Space Visual Texture

A popular trend in wall space is to use murals as wall coverings as well. Some patterns are as simple as leaves and other natural scenes, and some patterns are full scenes of the ocean and other landscapes. Those who are confident in their home decorating skills should take a look at incorporating them into a few of the rooms in their home. If not comfortable or confident, consider decorating space in a small room to see how it works with your overall design scheme.

Landscape Your Yard

Homeowners should not forget their yard space because, in many cases, the front and back yard can make up a lot of space. If looking for a refresh, consider hiring a landscaper to help clean up the yard, and then look at ways to make the space comfortable. For example, simple outdoor furnishings can turn a drab porch into comfortable seating in the evenings when everyone is home for the day. In any event, do not waste yard space because it is valuable and can be transformed into a usable outdoor space with the right room extension.

Livening A Lacklustre Space

The great thing about home décor is that even the smallest changes or additions can really impact the way rooms in the home look. Updating drab, lacklustre wall space, for one, can be the beginning of drawing attention to the rooms in the space. Furthermore, lighting can be manipulated to make rooms look larger and brighter. Combined with these small changes, your home has great potential.


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