Charged with a sex crime: effective legal assistance from a qualified criminal defense attorney in this area

A conviction for a sex crime can have very serious legal consequences for the accused party. The current Criminal Code provides for serious punishment, even life imprisonment. Regardless of the nature and content of the allegation, one thing is clear: it is in your best interest to take the allegation seriously and contact a qualified sex crime attorney immediately. Let’s take a detailed look at how you can achieve full legal protection.

Can you be prosecuted for a sex crime if the accused pleads innocent?

Sexual crimes are no exception! You are presumed innocent until the prosecutor proves your case and provides substantial evidence of your guilt. If you are found guilty, you will be held fully responsible under current criminal law. The job of criminal legal services is not to prove your innocence but to provide real evidence that the case against you has no legal basis and that you did not commit the acts for which you were arrested. Find an attorney to help you defend against the charges against you!

What are the key consequences of a sex crime conviction?

As stated at the outset, the consequences of a sex crime are very serious for the party charged with the crime if you are convicted and proven guilty in court. Deprivation of liberty (from six months to life imprisonment depending on the nature of the crime committed), registration in the sex offender registry.

Do you want to be pardoned as a sex offender? Not so soon!

There are several key defenses to a sex crime charge. Choosing the right defense can make the difference between conviction and acquittal.

What is sexual violence in criminal law?

There are three types of sexual harassment. According to the facts of the current criminal code, they qualify as separate crimes with additional aggravating circumstances. Simple sexual harassment. This first level of sexual harassment involves physical contact of a sexual nature without the person’s consent. Sexual harassment with a firearm. Serious sexual harassment. This charge is the most serious because the attacker injures or threatens the life of the victim. The type of sexual harassment you are charged with has a huge impact on your sentence! It is important to learn about possible punishments for various crimes related to sexual harassment!

A misdemeanor is a less serious offense in criminal law. However, the potential for abuse in sexual harassment cases is limited due to the inherent gravity of the alleged crimes. The scope for abuse in sexual harassment cases is limited. There may be different punishments for the same crime. How do judges decide? In criminal cases, judges have some discretion in sentencing offenders. Judges must respect the basic principles of sentencing.

Can I be charged with rape or indecent assault?

Even today, we often hear the word rape, but we know that this crime has not been included in the criminal law since 1983. Even then, the criminal code was changed and the crime of rape was abolished. This crime has been replaced by sexual harassment! This is because rape is a crime whose definition is limited to bodily harm that includes the entire sexual act, while sexual harassment is defined much more broadly. Criminal legislation does not provide for a statute of limitations for victims. So you can be charged with a crime without being charged with rape. This means you can be charged with rape even if the crime was committed before 1983. Were you charged with a crime several years ago? Terms such as violent crime are conditional because all criminal acts are recognized separately from criminal law. At the same time, the concept of violent crime also includes crimes characterized by common features.

Legal work in the field of violent crimes

The fate of suspects depends on the training, experience, and line of defense of a violent crime attorney. Criminal defense attorneys have many responsibilities, as it depends on whether the defendant will be released from the minimum or maximum sentence for the crime committed. From the moment someone becomes a suspect in a violent crime, a violent crime attorney should be your best friend. Of course, the services of a professional lawyer are not cheap, but the fate of a suspect largely depends on the lawyer’s professionalism and experience in investigating violent crimes. If you are a suspect in a violent crime or simply need to testify in court, it is important to seek the help and protection of a violent crime attorney.

Lawyers can pay for their work in different ways. Those ordering fixed, hourly, performance, and enterprise subscription services are charged a monthly fee plus services not included. In cases where it is impossible or difficult to determine the total cost of solving a legal issue (court proceedings, representation of the client’s interests in court, participation in court sessions, negotiations, or other services), attorney’s fees are used. A working hour is one hour of providing direct legal services to a client by a professional lawyer or attorney (meetings and negotiations, gathering information, reviewing case materials, preparing documents, preparing written consultations, preparing and conducting oral consultations, etc.). The conditions and cost of legal proceedings by lawyers (in particular, protection of the client’s interests and representation in court, and participation in court services) are determined individually, taking into account the possibility of covering court costs. As part of legal assistance to the client (advocate or legal services), the fee for a lawyer or a lawyer’s visit is at least one hour. Lawyers are paid following the minimum time spent by the lawyer on criminal proceedings (for example, interviewing witnesses, court hearings, conducting investigative actions) both at the investigation stage and in court, taking all necessary documents for studying the case, etc. Payments in favor of third parties (for example, audits, government customs duties, court costs, courier services, document archiving, postal services, copying and duplicating documents, etc.) are reimbursed in addition to the costs incurred by the Client.

Sexual Offense Protection Strategies

In such cases, we need to understand all the details of the case. Even minor questions can weaken the prosecutor’s position. There are many ways to be strong in these situations. Witnesses supporting the prosecution’s case may be unreliable or self-interested. Traces of a crime and evidence that a crime did not occur can be found not only at the crime scene. It is important to involve experts who can refute the claims and provide real evidence that the accused party is not guilty. If such evidence is not provided, the accused party will bear full criminal responsibility for the actions committed against the injured party. Employees participating in the work have the necessary education and experience in similar situations. For the most correct and effective solution to the problem, an individual approach is developed with each client.


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