The educational revolution is here.

With the development of new teaching and learning methods making education easier to comprehend and access, questions are cropping up. Are these means proficient? How foolproof are these? And after all, are these better than the traditional classroom methods?

Well, let me break it down for you.

Although it depends on different opinions and factors, eLearning > traditional classrooms.

Yes, I said it and it makes sense. Wondering how? Here’s a bunch of reasons.

4 Reasons why eLearning wins the deal against Traditional classrooms

1. It transcends all geographical boundaries

One of eLearning’s greatest claims to fame is its limitless reach.

Whether you live in the UK, or in Australia or on a “neighbouring planet”, if you have an internet connection, you can learn, teach and do it all with an eLearning course.

While in a traditional classroom, the teacher and students need to be physically present at the same place and time. This significantly limits traditional education methods’ reach.

2. Watch whenever, wherever

Apart from a limitless reach, eLearning also provides users with flexibility of time.

Imagine not being able to make it to your saturday evening guitar class. Provided the fact that money and knowledge are on stake, one might regret doing that. eLearning saves the day here.

Whatever skill or knowledge you are trying to acquire through an eLearning course, you don’t have to worry about being on time. Although, it’d help your routine. If you still fail to attend your online classes at the time of release, you can always watch them later. Maybe on the subway, or on your favourite spot at home.

This is a privilege which traditional classrooms can never offer.

3. No need to wait for the next class

Every course caters to at least two types of students.

The first kind is the one which devotes more time everyday to a course and the other one devotes a lesser number of hours.

If you fall under the first category, you might have to have a tough time in a traditional classroom. Reason? After every class, you’ll have to wait for your next class.

While, if you are using an eLearning course, you can watch the first, the second, the last and every class in between whenever you want, wherever you want.

This makes revision easier and lets you stay ahead when you want to.

4. More economic than traditional classrooms

Another brick in the wall. eLearning courses are more cost-efficient than traditional classroom methods.


It’s simple. You learn in the comfort of your home. That saves money and time on commute. Then, as an eLearning course can cater to a wider set of audience across the globe, it can earn more customers than a normal brick and mortar classroom. This helps reduce course cost.

Also, this makes it a perfect fit for SMB organizations looking for useful employee training resources.

For example, if you are an SMB owner, you’d just need to find the right LMS for your eLearning course. And if in case you require to train your sales team better, an LMS with salesforce integration would work like a charm for you.

Final words

While traditional educational means have always been crucial for overall development of students and teachers, a few of those can efficiently be replaced by electronic methods.

eLearning is a great way of efficiently speeding up some educational processes. And everything combined in its favor, makes it a better option than traditional classroom education.

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