The email addresses of 200 million Twitter users were leaked

The email addresses of 200 million Twitter

The Internet security researcher warned that the breach will “unfortunately result in a significant amount of hacking, phishing and stealing of confidential information”.

In a startling discovery, an internet security expert has reported that the private email addresses of over 200 million Twitter users have been infiltrated by hackers and subsequently posted on a well-known hacking forum.

Last Wednesday, Alon Gal – co-founder of HudsonRock, an Israeli cybersecurity monitoring company – took to LinkedIn and warned that the breach would likely lead to targeted hacking activities such as phishing attempts and theft of confidential data, according to Reuters.

The biggest hack

He proclaimed the theft as “the most considerable leakage I’ve ever come across”.

Twitter has remained silent in response to Gal’s December 24th post concerning the breach, and has not given any answers to questions about it since then.ate.

It may be out of date

Despite Twitter’s attempts to investigate the source of this hack, no one has been able to identify or locate the hacker(s) responsible. In fact, it is possible that this attack had already taken place as early as 2021 – before Elon Musk acquired ownership of Twitter last year. There appears to be little information available about what action (if any) was taken by Twitter in response.

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