There’s nothing better than reaching for an ice cold beer after a long day of outdoor pursuits, especially when the sun’s been shining. But imagine finally getting your hands on your stubbie, taking that first refreshing sip to find that your beer is warm and suddenly very unappealing. Don’t worry though, this can be avoided. Continue reading this blog to find out how you can keep your food and drinks cool this summer without breaking the bank, meaning you can sit back, relax and not worry about a thing.

Choosing an Esky

It can be hard to remember exactly how 40C days feel when you’re three months into winter and you’re longing for that sunshine to reappear. Well, let me remind you- You’re constantly covered in sweat and sunscreen, you’re on an everlasting mission to find air conditioning and EVERYTHING is melting. This is why having access to an esky can make or break your summer, especially when temperatures are continuing to soar to a record breaking 50C. Eskys come in all shapes and sizes and are the most effective and inexpensive way to keep your food and drink cool when you’re out and about this summer. Heading out with the family for a long weekend? Nipping out to walk the dogs? There’s an esky to meet all your needs for any activity and they can set you back as little as $20.

Packing your Esky

How hard can it be to pack your esky? Throw in some party ice, add your food and tinnies, done? This is the perfect approach if your heading to the local park for a few beers and a bbq but if you’re lucky enough to be getting away for the weekend then consider these packing tips to help you get the most from your esky. Planning ahead is key, making your own ice and pre freezing meals that you can later reheat will make a big difference. Most people buy ice from the local store or the service station but it melts pretty quickly so making your own at home, although time consuming, will be more economical. Pre freezing some meals to eat towards the end of your trip when your tasty perishables have been consumed is also a good idea as it provides you with a backup.

Look After your Esky

Your esky does a good job at looking after your precious food and drink so make sure you show it the same courtesy and do the same in return. Drying out your esky after every use is important and this will prevent it from becoming discolored and from any nasty odours from developing. It should also be cleaned regularly so that you have a germ free place to store your food, this is especially important if you’re storing fresh food in there. Cleaning your esky with general household cleaning products will do the trick unless it’s been a little neglected, in which case, cleaning with bicarbonate of soda will help along with some elbow grease. You can also purchase waterproof bags for your coolers which are inserted into your cool box. There help maintain a cleaner esky and allow you to compartmentalise your food and drink- even more hygenic!


Investing in a cool box really can make your summer so much more convenient. Save money on store bought snacks and have the luxury of taking your favorite beverages with you wherever you go. Now you know how to pack for your trip and look after your esky make that investment and start enjoying your summer.


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