WhatsApp’s latest feature, called the WhatsApp Web is a web-based online version of the popular messenger. Mainly preferred by people who work on their laptops, WhatsApp Web enables users to multitask. It helps them stay connected while working. It is mainly used for its convenience and simplicity. It is reported compatible on almost all browsers and can be activated using the following:

Log In To Whatsapp Web

To login to the WhatsApp Web, follow this procedure:

  • Open any browser such as Firefox, google chrome, safari as per your choice
  • Type web.whatsApp.com
  • You will see a screen with a barcode on it
  • Open the WhatsApp messenger on your phone and go to settings
  • In settings, navigate to an option called WhatsApp Web
  • A barcode scanner opens on your phone screen
  • Scan the code displayed on the website
  • Your WhatsApp Web is successfully activated

Features Of Whatsapp Web

Let us take a look at some of the features of WhatsApp Web:

  • It enables you to use a larger screen for messaging. This will come in handy if you have a broken screen or prefer larger screens.
  • It lets you change your display picture using the settings option.
  • A chat list is always open on the left side which lets you choose and explore other chats easily.
  • View the statuses of all your contacts using the status option.
  • Send voice notes, emojis, and GIFs using the same keyboard as the messenger.
  • Type and chat using your computer’s keyboard. It comes in handy while typing long messages and lets you use keyboard shortcuts.
  • Download media such as photos and videos using your computer.
  • It lets you use multiple accounts on different tabs and windows. This is very convenient for people with multiple accounts or a personal and business account.
  • Documents, spreadsheets, and PDFs can all be sent and received directly using your computer.
  • The microphone can be used to send voice notes very easily.
  • Create and manage groups just like the messenger app.
  • Get notified when someone calls you on WhatsApp which you can answer using your phone.

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What Features Are Still Missing?

There are some features still missing that we are looking forward to in the upcoming updates. These are:

You can’t change your status using WhatsApp Web.

Your phone needs to be connected to the internet actively for WhatsApp Web to work.

It uses double the amount of data since it relies on the phone and needs its data as well.

You cannot answer calls using WhatsApp Web.

You cannot block or unblock people using WhatsApp Web.

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WhatsApp Web is handy since it works over the internet and does not need any application. But like most products, it has its advantages but some things are still missing. Using WhatsApp Web you can stay connected while being away from your phone and you can log in or log out at your convenience. It lets you work in peace while being able to monitor the various activities going on in the application. It helps you manage your various endeavors easily.


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