Few Things are Better than a Brand-New Mercedes-Benz


When it comes to luxury automobiles, the Germans certainly seem to have mastered the art form. Of the various names in this prestigious market, the Tri-star is but one, but with so many Mercedes-Benz models to choose from, there’s little doubt that you’ll find the perfect car that speaks to you.

A sedan for every season

Unsurprisingly, the classic three-box segment is the brand’s most prolific, with dozens of variants of popular nameplates on offer. Whether you want something small and stylish like an A-Class, or a veritable land yacht with every luxury imaginable like the S-Class, this hundred-year-old company has you covered. Many of these already impressive-looking machines offer a coupe-style variant, too, if you want to push your status even further up into the red. Naturally, most of these extravagant vehicles come with equally extravagant price tags, but that’s not to say that Mercs are only for the one percent.

The smaller A-Class, and even the midsize C-Class can be had for a veritable steal, considering just how much you get for your money. Even the high-performance AMG variants of these nameplates bear relatively reasonable price tags, and they offer exponentially more fun. The AMG CLA 35 is one such vehicle, priced at under $50k, it comes equipped with a refined turbocharged four-cylinder engine mated to an automatic transmission. With 302 horsepower at its disposal and all-wheel-drive as standard, the little speedster can make the 0-60 mph sprint in under five seconds.

Practicality meets sublime style

If you need a little more space in the back seat or trunk than you think a sedan is likely to offer, then there are almost as many SUVs and crossovers to choose from in the Mercedes stable. Once again, the Germans classify their range in an easy-to-understand manner, with the GLA-Class being the smallest, while the GLS-Class is the high-riding sibling to the flagship sedan. High-powered AMG models are available too, as well as a few true 4×4 models that look just as rugged as a Jeep or Land Rover.

Particularly large families don’t have as much freedom to choose, though, with only two models providing seating for up to seven passengers. Luckily, the GLB is not as pricey as the full-size GLS, though it doesn’t offer quite as much space, either. The smaller machine also delivers much better fuel economy, something the SUV segment struggles with in general.

The need for speed

No luxury brand is complete without at least a few over-the-top speed demons ready to run laps with its rivals, and Merc is no different. Pretty much any nameplate preceded by the AMG moniker will deliver excellent performance without compromising on the top-notch comfort and luxury that the manufacturer is known for. However, a few models do stand out above the rest.

Perhaps the car that best embodies the AMG philosophy, the GT, is one of a kind – or at least it would be if it didn’t have an even more potent 577-hp GT R iteration. Regardless of the configuration you go for, this machine delivers an epic driving experience and breakneck acceleration. The interior is, of course, deliciously sumptuous, even if it does only seat two. The trunk, however, is far less impressive.

Make them green with envy

Hybrids and electric vehicles are quickly becoming all the rage, and Mercedes is never one to fall out of vogue. More than a few of its most famous models now offer some form of hybridization. However, some of the more performance-focused models use this extra electric power to improve acceleration times rather than gas mileage figures. For the most part, though, these stylish cruisers are quite responsible when it comes to treating the environment better.

As the flagship model, the S-Class does a good job of showcasing the brand’s eco-conscious philosophy in its S 560e plug-in configuration, with the hefty two-and-a-half-tonner managing a respectable combined 65 MPGe. But at a starting MSRP of around $110k, this beauty costs a pretty penny, too. 

Some of the top Mercedes-Benz models on the market

With so many to choose from, it might be hard to form a truly short shortlist when buying a new Merc. Still, here are just a few models that you should definitely consider taking for a test drive:

  • AMG GT
  • S-Class Coupe
  • GLB-Class SUV
  • E-Class Wagon
  • C-Class Plug-in Hybrid
  • AMG C43 Convertible


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