Since as far back as can be remembered, French doors have been revered for their grace, elegance, and the beauty that they bring to any room and setting around the house. Beautiful and practical, and an inspiration for most homeowners, their unique construction and design make them the ideal addition to open either inwards or outwards to create the perfect setting and tone.

French doors, thanks to their varying styles and attractions, can be used as either an interior or exterior feature, creating additional space where it’s needed, or simply used for those grand entrances onto the patio we all love from the movies. The French door is unique, and in a league of its own, a welcome addition to any home, with the following French door design ideas perfectly fitting and highlighting most entrance spaces throughout most home.

French Door Styles

The famed French door comes in a variety of style and designs, highlighting their main features of carvings, etched dichroic glass, and decorative edges, if you want these additions of course. Stained, or single or double pane glazed glass can be added or replaced, helping to both strengthen and better insulate your home, while adding beauty and a touch of class.

Hinged Exterior French Doors

Two double doors that have been crafted to open either into, or out of a room, allowing you to the best use of your space needed when you need it. These hinged exterior French doors can be manufactured from either an ornate wood or decorative metal, and can be decorated using stained glass, highlighting this masterpiece even further. If constant care is really not your thing, then perhaps these doors in vinyl, or without the glass panels are more your style. Whatever it is, the choice is yours.

Pocket Exterior Doors

Ideal for rooms with a premium on space, pocket exterior French door have the innate ability to slide either to the left or the right of your doorway, not taking up any precious space you may need. Sliding right in alongside the wall, there is no need to have the extra space necessary just for opening doors. Their unique and individual design and construction enables them to be better protected from the elements, and sealed away to ensure the longevity of their enjoyment.

Multi-Fold and Bi-Fold Exterior Doors

Accordion-style doors whose panels fold up against each other, sliding on a track to open these doors sideways. Available in the bi-fold panel, folding twice, or the multi-fold panels folding three or four times, these doors require very little space and are ideally suited to rooms with limited space. These doors do however require some additional protection from the wind and rain, requiring special construction requirements.

French doors are well suited to fit any and all homes. Choosing the right location around your house, while keeping your space requirements in mind, you will find that these doors make the perfect addition and become a stand-out feature of your home. After all, you and your home deserve a little something special.

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