He was known for climbing skyscrapers. A French stuntman Remi Lucidi fell from the 68th floor and died

French stuntman Remi Lucidi

A French adventurer known for climbing skyscrapers around the world has died after falling from the 68th floor of a building in Hong Kong, according to foreign press reports.

Remy Lucidi, a daring adventurer in his thirties, found himself at the awe-inspiring “Trigonter” tower complex in Hong Kong. As per the investigators’ report, he gracefully entered the building on a Sunday evening, confidently mentioning to the security guard that he was there to visit a dear friend residing on the 40th floor.

According to local press sources, investigators believe that Lucidi made his way to an upper floor to take a selfie documenting his arrival at the highest point in the residential tower.

And it indicated that the French climber was trapped outside and began frantically knocking on one of the windows, which surprised a maid who was inside, and with the absence of any response or assistance, Lucidi lost his balance and fell to die instantly.

After the accident, the police found Lucidi’s sports camera at the scene, which contained videos of extreme sports, while an official statement has not yet been issued regarding the causes of the death of the adventurous young man.

The British newspaper “The Independent” quoted the owner of the inn where Lucidi was staying as saying: “He was healthy and fit and with a happy face. I feel very sad.”

Shortly before his death, Lucidi, also known as Remy Enigma, posted a photo of the Hong Kong skyline on his Instagram profile.

Based on his social media page, Lucidi has embarked on daring feats across the globe, conquering the towering summits of skyscrapers in Bulgaria, Portugal, France, Ukraine, and Dubai.

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