Covid-19 is an infectious disease that occurs due to a new strain of coronavirus that causes respiratory infections. As the disease progresses, the symptoms deteriorate, causing life-threatening complications. If you are interested in getting tested for COVID-19, the GatherWell in Otsego lab tests should be your ultimate choice.     

What should you expect when undergoing lab tests for COVID-19?

The medical team at GatherWell Rapid COVID Testing gives a set of instructions and requirements that you need for a COVID -19 lab test. The team expects you to be punctual for your scheduled appointment and follow the crucial guidelines for swabbing. They may also request not to get out of your vehicle during your tests. During a COVID-19 lab test, your provider introduces a shallow, nasal swab in each of your nostrils to get enough nasal discharge. After your trial, the team provides the necessary instructions on retrieving your test results. Antibody and antigen results usually come out within 15 minutes, while PCR results come after 24-48 hours because the team sends them to an off-site lab for analysis. Lab tests are quick and painless. Nowadays, insurance companies offer COVID-19 covers that can take care of your COVID testing expenses.

What is group testing?

Group testing refers to a diagnostic that involves the collection of nasal secretions for multiple patients in a specific group. The lab staff at GatherWell are dedicated to ensuring that the community is safe and providing the necessary protection guidelines. Large gatherings and events may trigger a COVID-19 breakout. Group testing prevents your event from turning into a hotspot for the virus. The team at GatherWell has years of experience who utilize cutting-edge tools for COVID tests that process your results quickly. During a group test, the unit tests up to 100 people per hour.

What should you expect during group testing?

The experts use a mobile lab unit to conduct COVID-19 group testing. The providers use a nasal swab and state-of-art tools to deliver results within a short period. The lab technicians may request you to maintain social distancing and follow the covid-19 protocols for safety purposes. Group testing gives you peace of mind and a sense of safety for you to conduct your gatherings. Currently, no test is 100% accurate. GatherWell offers a wide range of tests to help you know if you have the virus or were a victim. Your doctor conducts a comprehensive consultation session to enquire about your symptoms and if you have been in contact with people displaying similar symptoms. They then use this information to determine the appropriate test for you. The Antigen testing system states that 98.2% of negative results are accurate while 99% of the positive effects are accurate.

The GatherWell medical team can accommodate any event and still design personalized plans to satisfy the requirements of each group. The unit can also conduct a COVID test for families going on vacation if the airline needs proof of a negative COVID-19 test.

For more information about COVID-19 testing, contact the GatherWell office or schedule an online appointment.

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